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Thread: Update KB951847 won't install after download

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    TBigRagu Guest

    Update KB951847 won't install after download

    Hello, I am have trouble installing the update KB951847 Net framework 3.5
    service pack 1 after it downloads fine.

    Any suggestions?

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    gigobert Guest
    Be patient ! Here it took on 2 pc's about half an hour to actually start the
    install bar and an hour to finish.
    Good luck

    See the following and ignore the title and use method 1 and then use method 2 if
    needed. Always reboot after implementing the fix

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    that tim Guest

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    I am also having the same probleam it's not that it's taking to long it i am
    getting a installation failure error code 0x80070643 how do I get it to work?

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    ElderEagle Guest

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    Lest any have hope that this is a simple resolution, "Method 1" is to
    uninstall ALL previous versions and service packs of .NET Framework, from
    1.0 to 3.x, and then reinstall ALL of the previous versions, with a
    "clean-up" tool thrown in for good measure, before retrying the KB951847
    update. Is anybody's confidence high that this will work? Willing to take a
    chance on what promises to be a time-consuming and error-prone procedure with
    no guarantee that it will work? This is a typical tech support
    uninstall/reinstall recommendation with the implied cross-your-fingers hope
    that it will solve the problem. No, thanks.

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    Shenan Stanley Guest

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    It worked on the two cases I have had to suggest it on.

    It's actually very similar to something that had to be done long ago with
    another .NET Framework patch that seemed to have similar issues (when the
    problems arose - although truthfully - that was few and far between - just
    like this time.)

    Not everything has a simple solution - and sometimes it is the individual
    human factor that complicates things the most.

    I definitely would not call this typical - as in most cases - the end-user
    probably didn't even know they had .NET Framework (unless they had an issue
    with it before) of any version as it was likely installed by some third
    party utility/tool/application that required it.

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    ElderEagle Guest
    OK. I'll consider it. "Method 1" lists, if I remember correctly, seven
    downloads and installs to get up to .NET Framework 3.5. This had better
    work. I have 44 years of IT experience and I'm not really looking forward to
    this. I can't imagine what typical end-users will do.

    Based on the volume of "please help me" posts about KB951847, I don't think
    this is "few and far between". Usually, those who post are the tip of the
    proverbial iceberg of those experiencing problems.

    It shouldn't be necessary to install .NET 2.0 or 3.0 before 3.5. At least, I'd
    try jumping straight to KB951847 and see what happens before taking the long route.

    I'd skip to Method 2 myself. Yes, it works.

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    Join Date
    Feb 2009

    Re: A good way to install Update (KB951847) x86

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86 has been difficult to install properly. My solution worked the first time after several mistries.
    1. Since I no longer trust Microsoft, before installing a patch or update, I always make a complete system backup to DVD using a bootable CD with Acronis on it.
    2. I Downloaded and used the program from to remove all previous installed versions of dot net framework. Note I used the zip version because it passes my browser security settings. The zip file contains the cleanup tool, and 2 text files. After running the cleanup tool I restarted my system.
    3. I then ran 2 different registry cleaners: Tony Arts Easy Cleaner and Regclean and restarted the system.
    4. I disabled my software firewall and virus scanner, clicked on Start and Microsoft Update, selected Custom Install and installed Update (KB951847) x86, restarted the system to reactivate the firewall and antivirus program. I verified that everything was installed correctly by going to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs to verify all versions of dot net were there.
    5. I then defragmented my hard drives to keep everything compact.

    The only thing I do not know is what programs even use this feature. I wish someone would create a data base of programs that use dot net.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    These two tools are a *primary* cause of installation failures for .NET
    Frameworks, updates, and ServicePacks.

    Now, I'm not saying that *you* ran them *prior* to the installation of
    any of the above, what I am saying is that running *ANY* registry or
    disk cleanup tool *AFTER* the installation of a .NET Framework will
    *definitely* cause installation issues with updates or Service Packs
    intended for those runtimes in the future.
    Installation source cache databases and registry settings *will* be
    affected by running those tools.

    I've seen this issue on *so many client systems* now that I wish I had
    just one measly buck for everytime I did.
    The .NET installation sources are, to put it politely, fragile.
    Supposedly, with this massive, complex KB951847, those installation
    source issues will no longer be as painful as they are currently.

    I'm not holding my breath, though. <w> Time will tell.

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    KnockerCCD Guest

    RE: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    I finally got mine to install after 7 failed attempts...heres what I did.

    1. go to
    2. download and install the utility
    3. use it to uninstall the Windows Installer configuration information for
    all of your .NET Frameworks listed when you run the program(1.1, 2.0, 3.0,
    3.5 e.g.). GOOD NEWS...this program just removes the interfering
    configuration files which are causing the error code #643, NOT the actual
    ..NET Frameworks being used by your system so you won't need to re-download or
    re-install them :-)
    4.*optional- clean your registry(I did)
    5. reboot your computer
    6. now install KB951847... you'll actually see the installation progress bar
    move this time!!!

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    Harry Johnston [MVP] Guest
    Most experts recommend against using registry cleaners.

    I tried downloading the cleanup tool so I could "fix" the update KB951847 but
    here is my problem. My system says the file is downloaded but it will not let
    me install it. However, when I attempt to download ANYTHING, including the
    cleanup tool to attempt to delete previous net frameworks versions, my
    computer will not allow me to do so. I am constantly being told that another
    program is being installed so it will not allow me to install anything until
    that is finished. So, how do I delete the downloaded .network 3.5 or how do I
    fix it? It doesn't show in my Control Panel because it isn't installed -
    just downloaded.

    Sounds like a job for the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility; or is this what you
    were trying to install?

    Try using a direct eternet connection instead of wireless, it worked for me

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    Kathy Guest

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    Well, I have read through this whole page of suggestions and the original
    question is still pending unless you know the ins and outs of computer
    language. Can anyone tell us computer illiterates an easy way to install
    this update. Thanks !

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    Jan 2010

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    I too had this problem for a long time. After countless attempts to install it, I finally found a sollution that actually worked thanks to KnockerCCD's entry, 10.02.2009. I am not a computer buff but i still managed to sort it out,thanks.

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    Apr 2011

    Re: Update KB951847 won't install after download

    I had this issue as well (spent countless hours trying various techniques to get it installed). Environment: XP/32-bit/SP3. I then tried the above fix, but it still didn't work. Here's what worked for me:

    1) Download the Stebner .NET Cleanup tool (

    2) Run the cleanup tool and select the option to remove ALL .NET Frameworks.

    3) Once tool is complete it should ask you to reboot. So go ahead and reboot.

    Note: If you get any errors, also try using the Windows installer cleanup tool: all instances of .NET fw. Then re-run the Stebner tool, removing all again. Reboot.

    Once rebooted, your PC should now be free of all .NET crap. Phew!

    5) Now, download .NET fw 3.0 and install (see:

    6) Download and install .NET fw 3.5/SP1 (see:

    7) Reboot, even it doesn't ask for a reboot.

    8) Now open IE and go back to Windows/Microsoft Update site. Select the update for kb951847 (it's likely the only one selectable under high priority updates) and let it install. It should now install properly (keep fingers crossed :-).

    9) Once installed, reboot and return to Update site and let the rest of the .NET updates get installed (plus any others).

    10) Kick back and relax!

    A royal pain but hope this helps!

    - anthonyx26

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