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Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

Windows Update

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Old 12-12-2008
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Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

Yesterday I was prompted to install updates through Automatic Update. I
installed the updates and restarted my computer after a bit of delay. Once
restarted, I was again told I had updates to install, and reinstalled them.
This happened twice more, then again today. I installed it once, then became
suspicious that it still wanted to be installed. I checked my update history,
and it is the Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3 (KB952069).
According to the log, each of the 4 installs were successful.

I went to the troubleshooting page on here to figure out what was going on.
The first step was to use the malicious software detection tool, and that was
actually a portion of yesterday's overall update. It hasn't detected
anything, so I am assuming things are ok on that front. I just ran a virus
scan, since that was the second step, and that turned up no alarming results.
The third step is to install it in safe mode, and I have not done that yet. I
wanted to see if anyone else was having this problem before I started fussing
with things I didn't fully understand. So, any tips would be appreciated.

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Old 12-12-2008
MowGreen [MVP]
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Re: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack3

Was Windows Media Player open when the update was being installed ?
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Old 12-12-2008
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I am having the same problem. Downloaded the exe from microsoft and installed
in safe mode . Automatic updates is still prompting to install KB 952069.
Irritating POS.

I am also having this problem. It appears the malicious software detection
tool is working and my virus scan has not turned anything up. I'm still
getting a prompt to install KB 952069, very irritating. Have not tried the
safe mode install yet, a bit leary of doing so utill I have more info.

Windows media player was not open, no. I just installed the same updates on
my other, older PC and everything went well. A bit bizarre.

I am having the same problem. For a week now, I am prompted to
download this update. I already have it, but it won't go away. I tried
uninstalling it under Add/Remove programs, then it installed it again,
but still prompting me. This happened about a year ago or so with
another update. Right away, Microsoft had a solution. Unfortunately, I
don't remember the update number nor the solution :( I'll keep
looking for it.

I'm having the same problem as every other users here, since 2 days
now. I've installed manually the update without anything launched, but
it keeps the same.
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Old 16-12-2008
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Re: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

I emailed microsoft and heres the reply as I was looking for a
solutions too and came across this thread.


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Support Service. My name is
Danniel, and I am glad to work with you.

From the problem description, I understand that the Security Update
for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB952069) failed to install. In
addition, you have tried installed it in safe mode, but the update
issue persists. Please feel free to let me know if I misunderstood the

I understand the inconvenience you encountered when trying to perform
Windows Update. Please be assured that I will do my best to help you.

The issue may be caused by one of the following factors:

1. The installation is affected by some third-party security software.
2. The downloaded installation file is corrupted.

We will address some of the more common causes of this issue. It is
important that we attempt to connect to the Windows Update web site
after each step to confirm whether the resolution has worked. This
will prevent us from having to proceed with additional troubleshooting
steps and provide us with valuable feedback to further develop our
support resolutions for you and our future customers. Your assistance
is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Some third party programs can also affect the Windows Update
service. If you are running any third party applications such as
Spyblocker, Internet or web accelerators (programs designed to boost
the speed of the Internet connection), security or anti-virus programs
(Norton, McAfee, etc.), I recommend we temporarily disable or shut
them down and then try accessing the Windows Update site later. Please
be sure to re-enable them after completing the update process.

Step 1: Reload the Update temporary folders
One possible cause is that Windows Update's temporary folder contains
corrupted files. This step will clean its "Download", which contains
the Windows Update downloaded update installation files. After
renaming this folder, all the files will be automatically recreated,
except the Windows Update History data and downloaded updates'
installation files. This will have no negative effect on your
computer's performance.

1. Click "Start", "Run", type: "cmd" (without quotations) and press
"Enter". In the command window, type "net stop WuAuServ" (without
quotations) and press "Enter".
2. Click "Start", "Run", type: "%windir%" (without quotations) and
press "Enter".
3. Double-click the SoftwareDistribution folder.
4. In the opened folder, rename the folder Download to Download.old.
5. Click "Start", "Run", type: "cmd" (without quotations) and press
"Enter". In the command window, type "net start WuAuServ" (without
quotations) and press "Enter".

Note: After resolving this Windows Update issue, please feel free to
delete the Download.old folder.

Now try Windows Update to see if the issue has been resolved. Please
let us know if this step has resolved it. If not, please proceed to
the next step.

Step 2: Download and install the update manually again.
1. Please download the update from

Please note its location.

2. Restart the computer.
3. Keep pressing the F8 key until the Windows Startup menu appears.
4. Choose "Safe Mode", and press "Enter".
5. Please install the update in Safe Mode.

Note: In Safe Mode, your system display and Desktop will look and
perform differently than in Normal Mode. This is only temporary. We
can restart the computer to switch to Normal Mode.

However, if an error is encountered when installing the update
manually, please capture a screenshot for further research.

How to capture a Screenshot:
1. When the error appears, please press the "Print Screen" key
(PrtScn) on your keyboard.
2. Click "Start", click "Run", type MSPAINT, and click "OK".
3. In Paint, click "Paste" under the "Edit" Menu, click "Save" under
the "File" menu, type a file name for the screenshot, choose JPEG as
"Save as type", click "Desktop" on the left pane, and click "Save".
4. Please find the screenshot on the Desktop and send it as an
attachment to .

Please try the steps above. If the issue persists, please also assist
me in collecting the latest Windows Update Log for further research.

How to capture WindowsUpdate.log:
Note: Since there are two Windows Update log files with similar names,
please be aware that I am requesting the "WindowsUpdate.log" file
without a space in the middle of the name.

1. Click "Start", "Run" and type "WindowsUpdate.log" (without
2. Click "OK". We will see a file named "WindowsUpdate.log".
3. Now click on the "File" menu and then click "Save As" and select
"Desktop" in the "Save in" option on the top of the window.
4. Click "Save". The file will be saved to your Desktop. Please send
it as an attachment to .

However, if the file is unable to be collected by the above steps, we
can also use the following method to collect it.

1. Click "Start", "Run", type: "%windir%" (without quotations) and
then press "Enter".
2. In the open window, we will see a file named "WindowsUpdate.log".
3. Please send it as an attachment to.

Note: When attaching files to emails, the process will vary depending
on the email application being used. While you are composing the
email, most applications will provide you with either an "Attach"
button or a Paper Clip Icon to click in order to attach a file. After
clicking this button/icon you must browse to the file you wish to
attach and select it by either double clicking it or clicking it once
and then clicking "Attach".

Please try my suggestions and let me know the results at your earliest
convenience. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate
to let me know.
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Old 17-12-2008
Posts: n/a
I am a little ahead of you. I did the whole clearing of the update file,
install in Safe MOde deal, installing w/antivirus etc turned off, deleted and
reinstalled in safe mode. It still wants to reinstall-same update kb952069
over and over and over.....

I'm having the same problem. Windows update site update history shows
a successful install of this update six (6) times. It only shows up in A/R
programs once, but the date changes everytime I try the update. Frustrating,
mostly because the pop-up reminder that updates are available just keeps on

I just fixed the problem. I re-installed Windows Media player 11 from the
Microsoft website. I shut down the computer and the update installed again.
After start, the Windows Update site no longer has any updates for me.
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Old 18-12-2008
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Re: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

I managed to successfully install the update (952069) after trying to
reinstall it several times. Finally had enough and decided to uninstall
every update for WMP and WMP11 itself. Then went about reinstalling WMP11.

Funny thing is, the installer prompted me to close WMP and other open
programs as usual, BUT also untick the mini-taskbar player for WMP when it's
minimized. So did that, install went fine, then was prompted to reinstall
all the updates for WMP11 (including 952069) and it worked. No more
prompting to install the update.

So if you have the option to minimize WMP to the mini-player on the taskbar,
untick that first and then try to install the update. Just a guess. Hope it
works, if not, try what I did.

NB: to untick that option, just right-click on the windows taskbar and
expand the Toolbars selection.
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Old 01-01-2009
Posts: n/a
I can't thank you enough! I hope this works. I have had MS helping me
the past two days and they said the problem was the fact that Dell sold
me a computer (Inspiron 6400) that is for "business" with the Home
Edition of XP. They told me that KB 952069 is for Service Pack 2 and I
have SP 3 so the notice doesn't go away. They removed SP 3 and
reinstalled the KB but still the notice. So they are calling back today
to ask what I would like to do - 1. Hide the notice or 2. uninstall SP 2
or 3. Reinstall entire OS. When he calls today I will suggest the above.
Never occurred to me but now that I think about it, of course if update
is for WMP, then THAT could be the problem.

Thank you for fixing my problem. I need you to answer questions though.
MS support telling me this was only for SP 2. Before I found your
answers they had removed Service Pack 3 and put on SP2. Now they are
telling me your fix only worked for me because I have SP2. Do you have
SP 2 or do you have SP 3? Also, what model computer, was the OS a full
version or OEM version (came with the computer) and do you know what
version of WMP you had before? Did you have 11 and you re-installed or
did you have an earlier version?

I want to put SP 3 back but they say it won't work for the auto update.
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Old 02-01-2009
Posts: n/a
auto update will sometimes work, but a manual update of sp3 will also
have its pittfalls.
it took me three days to get SP3 installed and running on my toshiba
i will have to retrieve the steps that i undertook to gain this . but
one thing i can tell is that it is not the easiest installation
that i have gone through.
the biggest problem is that sp3 installation is somewhat geared
towards xp pro and not home , where i believe that 90
% of the pc's in homes are equipped with,home edition and not pro.

if you stil need the details and want to do this download the sp3
offline install pack.
if you have a standard pc , chances are that this will install in one
shot and you are off the problem.
if it doesnot then the installation will fail and will roll back.

this a security issue , microsoft has a utility that will run for
several hours to disable security on several files and reg entries.
once this done , the install of service pack 3 must be restarted.
watch it for completion
this a horse method and the last thing anyone will want to do.
but i can get gather up the details and that wil make things somewhat

I have SP3 installed on a full version of WinXP Pro. Not sure why they would
say it won't work on SP3.

I also had WMP11 when all this trouble started. I re-installed WMP11 as
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Old 06-01-2009
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Re: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

Unfortunately you prove their point. Rats. They claimed tha
because I had XP Home and this 952069 was for XP Pro, SP2. On th
security update link it does say for SP2. They had told me that whe
things are found later after someone had SP3 on it might not instal
properly. Except for you and kent_diego I'd still me working on it! The
told me I could ignore the icon cause it installed successfully. I sai
I wasn't comfortable with that cause I wasn't convinced it had patche
whatever it was suppose to patch. After your solution was implemente
and it was fixed I was told it had "installed" but not "executed" so
was right when I claimed that there was no proof that the hole had bee
patched. Anyway, I tried to tell the guy that I thought the whol
removal of SP3 was all a waste of time and all we had to do was th
stuff you had suggested with WMP. He asked me to ask you what you had o
your machine. I will let him know. When he took SP3 off, he then put SP
for XP Pro on. Think I'll just leave SP3 off for now...nerves are shot
This is all way too technical for me. Thanks again for the solution an
the feedback on what you had. If he emails me anything I'll let yo
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Old 05-06-2009
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Re: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3

Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction. I got a brand new
Mini 9 with XP/SP3 and having this problem. It looks like a
misconfigured Dell image as WMP was only V9. Hit the WMP update button
which took me to V11 installation. Reboot, install this update again,
then a different update appeared and that was that.

Easy peasy really. I do feel sorry for those that did SP2 downgrade/SP3
upgrade. I guess it was because that was not an option for me that I
just did WMP.
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Old 06-05-2010
Join Date: May 2010
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Re: Workaround: Problems installing Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3 (KB52069)

I have been in the same bind myself. Window XP SP3

The solution/workaround I found by trial and error was as follows:

-Uninstall Windows Media Player COMPLETELY (WMP). (Make sure you remove it all the way back. The Add/Remove process for WMP appears to "RollBack" to previous versions - so you have to keep uninstalling till WMP is truly removed!)
-Remove all hot fix updates that refer to WMP - then Reboot
-Visit Microsoft Update site and allow it to install all missing updates - then Reboot
-Download and install Windows Media Player. ( I found WMP 11) - then Reboot
-Visit Microsoft Update site AGAIN and allow it to install all missing updates - then Reboot
-Visit Microsoft Update site AGAIN and notice that ALL updates have been dealt with

The update "Security Update for Windows Service Pack 3 (KB52069)" appears to interfere adversely with previous patches for WMP(sic). The trick seems to be to remove WMP completely thus allowing KB52069 to go in cleanly. Thereafter ; re-installing WMP will allow Microsoft Update to "catch up" without causing KB52069 to get "stuck".

Once you are up to date the patch appears in SP0 against WMP! Why this would be I do not know. Here is the result from Belarc Advisor. http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html
Windows Media Player SP0
KB952069_WM9 on 05/05/2010 (details...)

Advise Microsoft please:
I have searched Microsoft forums for this problem extensively but have had no luck. Are any of you guys in touch with Microsoft in order to give them this workaround. If you can help - please paste these words in to their forum at the appropriate thread.
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