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Latest Windows XP Updates Break File Sharing?

Windows Update

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Old 15-08-2009
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Re: Latest Windows XP Updates Break File Sharing?

Originally Posted by dburton971 View Post

Here is my experience on three different XP computers.

#1: I was viewing a webinar from GoToTraining.com. When it was over I noticed I had no access to web pages or my local network. I could read and send email. ipconfig showed valid network connection data.

I noticed I could still access all of GoToTraining.com web pages but no others.

I totally uninstalled Trend Internet Security, no effect.

I tried a bunch of stuff suggested by Trend support, no effect.

I noticed my network connection does not show up in the Network connections window. (A dell feature?) I tried a bunch of stuff from MS to get it back, but no effect and web pages still not loading.

I rebooted several times, no effect.

I removed my network card drivers and reinstalled several times, no effect.

I tried that one more time and finally it all worked again.

I thought to blame this on the webinar SW from GoToTraining.com, (wrong)

#2: I went home and checked my home computer and surprise the same thing has happened. I tried several things without success and gave up.

#3: Back at work I hooked up my laptop and it was fine. So I went to MS Update and did all the express updates/reboot.

Surprise again: Now my laptop has the same problem now. What's going on?

All of these XP boxes could still send and receive email (tbird). All could not read web pages (firefox & IE), except the first which could access GoToTraining.com web pages only. All could not access my local network/shared folders.

MS Update must be broken. Does some powerful IT type dude have a fix?

Hey, guess what? I backed out all my recent XP updates, uninstalled Trend IS, redid the XP updates, and re-installed TIS. This worked on my laptop. I'll try it on my home PC later.

Last edited by dburton971 : 15-08-2009 at 08:10 AM.
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Old 15-08-2009
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Re: Latest Windows XP Updates Break File Sharing?

On Aug 14, 7:33?pm, "PA Bear [MS MVP]" <PABear...@gmail.com> wrote:
> d00d, get a grip! ?This thread dates from August 2008:http://groups.google.com/group/micro...update/browse_...
> dburton971 wrote:
> > Hi,


Dang, I swear I saw Jul 09 on the thread date when I started.
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