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Updates not configured properly

Windows Update

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Old 13-07-2008
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Updates not configured properly

I have tried , unsuccessfully, multiple times to install the updates that
come up on the list in Windows Update. They are:

KB950124 - (I was finally able to get this one to install, manually)

When installing automatically, the following will show a good installation,
pending shutdown and restart:


But, whenever I restart the computer, I get the message, "Updates were not
configured correctly. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer."

I have tried letting Update take care of everything itself, and have also
tried unchecking the updates that show a failure on the installation,
thinking that maybe one of them was causing the problem. I have even tried
doing some of the updates manually, one at a time, to no avail.

The only error code that has shown up is 8007371C, which, I believe, is
because the files needing to be updated are in use, resulting in the need to
restart the computer. Is this correct?

I do have Defender Pro 2008 antivirus protection on the computer, but have
tried turning it off prior to attempting the updates, and have also gone so
far as to try updating after a selective startup, not loading any startup
items; I still get the same results.

Any ideas?


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Old 14-07-2008
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RE: Updates not configured properly

I'm having this problem too. Any it's exactly the same case. Same thing, only
1 of them was able to install. Any one ?
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Old 14-07-2008
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Re: Updates not configured properly

See if there is any further info in the log files -

%windir%\windowsupdate.log (c:\windows\windows Update.log)

%windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log (tracks events) (c:\windows\logs\cbs\cbs.log)

The log files have these fields:
Time/Date Stamp, Message Severity, Message Source, Operation Type, and Main Text.

You may be able to do a search of any relevant error messages/codes otherwise you may need
to start a Windows Update support incident request:
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Old 14-07-2008
Posts: n/a
I suppose there isn't any problems with the log. It's because the updates
were able to be downloaded completely. The problems occur when installing the
updates.. So I think the problem is not logged.

start a Windows Update support incident request https://support.microsoft.com/oas/de...spx?gprid=6527
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Old 19-07-2008
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Re: Updates not configured properly

Thanks for the response. I checked the updatelog, and found numerous errors.
But, for some strange reason, I could not get access to the cbs.log, even
under my administrative account! So, I have taken your advice and initiated a
support incident request.
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Old 01-10-2009
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Re: Updates not configured properly

I also had a major problem with update KB 955020. In my case it resulted in my laptop computer continually recycling when trying to configure this update when shutting down the computer. The end result was that I had to have Windows Vista reinstalled at considerable cost and loss of a number of programmes. I was told by the computer specialists who reinstalled Windows Vista that this was not an isolated case as they had reinstalled Vista for others with the same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem or has anyone seen anything from Microsoft.

In addition to this problem Windows also said that my copy of Office 2007 was not legitimate so I have also lost Office 2007 so as can be imagined I am very unhappy with Microsoft.
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Old 01-10-2009
Shenan Stanley
Posts: n/a
Re: Updates not configured properly

You are responding to a newsgroup post started in July 2008. It is
September (nearly October) 2009. Not sure why you would choose this posting
to add to - but let's review the old posting

.... and see what (if anything) your asking/trying to contribute to the stale
conversation. ;-)

My thoughts:

If these 'so-called' computer specialists were unable to actually fix your
issue (especially in this case) without data/application loss and they
charged you for the pleasure of rebuilding your computer and it took them
more than 24 hours - I personally believe they took you for a ride and/or
they just think they are computer specialists. ;-)

More than likely a repair installation with the same version (no SP, SP1 or
SP2) of Windows Vista you had (or one beyond what you had) would have fixed
the issue, kept your data and applications whole and you would have been
fixed in a few hours. Yep - likely that easy.

Worse than that is what update you were trying to install. Critical is not
a word I would use for this particular update. In fact - I would likely
just hide it if it gave me any trouble.

The words "Friendster," "Klum," "Nazr," "Obama," and "Racicot" are not
recognized when you check the spelling in Windows Vista and in Windows
Server 2008

Really - that's it. That's this 'patch'. Not only is it not necessary -
check out the 'work-around':
"To work around this issue, add the word to the dictionary."

Additional thoughts/queries:

"Windows" did not tell you that your copy of Office 2007 was not
legitimate - Office told you that and/or OGA.
http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/downloads/FAQ.aspx If that even happened.

Was it illegitimate? If not - why would you lose said copy/license? You
should have a proof of purchase - that wins.

My suggestion would have been (given you were having trouble with said
update) to either hide the update and move on or hide the update and add the
words to your own dictionaries if you felt the need. If pushed, I would
suggest downloading the update manually and installing it that way.

Now you (or someone else) may take offense to me responding or my responses
themselves. Okay - I guess I can see how they might be construed. However
I see this as a learning opportunity for you (I don't think you should go to
those so-called 'computer specialists' anymore, I think you should have a
better backup plan, I think you haven't lost your office if you have a
receipt for its purchase, etc.) and something I felt should have comments on
it (it was unique in one way at least - it was a response to a 1 year 2
month+ old posting) - just because.

Nothing was meant to offend, just the way I see things.

In any case - I feel for your troubles - but without more to the story (Were
your 'computer specialists' really worth the money/time? Was Office 2007
legitimate? If so, why did you not complain - using the receipt - to those
you purchased it from? Or go through Microsoft to fix it?) - all I can draw
are the conclusions I have given... Which basically are 'not enough
information and I think you need new 'computer specialists'. ;-)
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Old 03-10-2009
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 2
Re: Updates not configured properly

The update came as a package of automatic updates labelled important, this was at the end of August this year and I cannot understand why when this particular update is so old why it has not been received before. I have been using Windows updates for more than 2 years so I should have seen it before.
I have Office 2007 on a PC running XP but this has never had this update so I assume that it is a Vista related update only.
The PC with XP also has the same copy of Office 2007, installed almost 2 years ago and there has never been issue as regards it being a genuine copy on the PC nor on my laptop until recently. As far as I am aware both my laptop and the PC run Windows Genuine Advantage so it will have been checked a number of times before. I no longer have the receipt for Office 2007 and in any case was downloaded from the supplier.
As regards the computer specialists they supplied both the laptop ( it is an Acer Travelmate ) and the PC ( they built it from components ) and as most of their business is with business users I can only asuume that they know what they are doing and hopefully not ripping me off. They charged for 4 hours at around $40 per hour to diagnose the problem, uninstall Windows and then reinstall it. They did not carry out any data recovery ( that would have been another 2 hours ) as I had all of the C Drive contents backed up on an external hardrive.
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