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Thread: Text-To-Speech freewares

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    tyuivbn Guest

    Text-To-Speech freewares

    You can use Text-To-Speech softwares to read filse and doing so can protect eyes before the computer.

    The new Text-To-Speech voice engine Microsoft Anna on vista is better than Microsoft Sam on the Windows XP, Microsoft Anna on vista speaks more clearly. It's a good choice to use the Text-To-Speech softwares to protect our eyes.

    To find what voice engines are installed on you computer, following this:
    Microsoft Text-To-Speech(TTS) voice engine has been installed by default on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, you can find what voice engines have been installed on the computer by following Control Panel->Speech->Speech Properties->Text To Speech tab->Voice selection drop down window. For example, the voice of Microsoft Sam has been installed by default on Windows XP, and Microsoft Anna on Vista, and the voice of Microsoft Anna is of good quality.

    I have tried some text-to-speech softwares such as MS narrator and panopreter , I prefer panopreter, now I listen to files with it, it is an easy-to-use tool which reads files, it also converts files into wave and mp3 files, when I listen to the audio files, my eyes feel better. I think it's better for it's free and powerful.
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    well, do you know any bug free mp3 to text or speech like karaoke software.

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    tyuivbn Guest
    MP3 to text software, I think you can get it if you google it. Good luck.

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