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Thread: internal error 2732.0

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    sad internal error 2732.0

    im trying to install java onto my computer because I had to delete it in order to get rid of a virus. now im reinstalling my old programs and java won't install because i don't have administrative access, but i do... so how do i get this to work. if you have any answers please reply on here or to my email at thank you.

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    create a log file and look at the action executed right before the error, it is most likely that this action is sequenced at the wrong place

    perhaps the mm contains an action not used in your main sequence and so the action is inserted at the wrong place

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    If you log the install with msiexec /i <msi file> /l*v some.log, you may get
    a better idea of when the error is occurring and what it is.

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