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Thread: Software For Volume Booster?

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    Software For Volume Booster?

    I searched for the some volume booster softwares on the internet but could not find 1. It happened that my systems volume is not adequate is what I feel. At maximum setting, its not what i want.

    Pls provide me with some example that boosts the volume upto 20 times than the original.
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    The feed port for sound in the motherboard is not amplified by the system at all. So the signal inputting thru this terminal has to be pre-amplified.

    Theres another port that is labelled as MIC in the botherboard. Sound input through this port gets amplified by the system itself.

    So just try these ports and see if this amplification (or boosting) of sound is possible or not.

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    As you said, I tried to give the sound input, which is originally not amplified at all, to the MIC port. But then it gives no sound at all!
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