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Thread: a liitle help with paint shop pro?

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    a liitle help with paint shop pro?

    Here is what's been happening that is driving me crazy and I can't understand how to fix it. I just installed PaintShopPro9 after using version 7 for all this time. I have all my files outside of the PSP program so as not to slow it down. I have an extra drive where I keep all my data files. ( E:\\)
    The program itself is on C:\\
    Here is what I can't figure out how to fix:
    I can drag my psp files unto the workspace, I can go to File, Open, then go to the folder and open psp files. I can right click on a psp file and go to Open with and go to PSP9 and open them. I cannot double click on the file and open it like I was always able to do. When I double click on a psp file it brings up an Windows error message "Windows cannot find E:\\PSP files...." If I change the file extension from .psp to .pspimage I can click on it and it will open.
    I have the correct file extensions in the File Format Association box that you get under File, Preferences. Can you please think about this and tell me what might be wrong? I need help desperately before it drives me insane.
    How does Windows get into the middle of this when I am working only with PSP?
    Something else is very weird in my OE that changed a little while ago. I used to have folders on my desktop and when I got something I thought might be good to send to a group I would hit Forward, clean up the messages, address it to the group and Save it to the folder. The next time I wanted to send something I would just open the folder, hit the Send button on the message and off it would go. Now I have no Send button on my saved messages. I looked in the Customize folder and the choice is no longer there. I have asked others and the ones I asked said they don't have Send options either once you save the message. I would think that I had imagined it all if I had not done it for so long and I definitely had a Send button. I belong to one group that only lets you send 10 things every day so I had to do it this way. I know I had that Send button but I cannot find out what happened that I lost it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: a liitle help with paint shop pro?

    File association hassle is tedious. If you're happy to fiddle, then here's how I would try to fix it:

    Windows Explorer-->Tools-->Folder Options. Click "File Types" tab. Find the "PSPIMAGE" extension from the list; click the Advanced button. From the actions list, click Open, then Edit. Note all of the settings in each of the boxes (perhaps cut and paste them to Notepad temporarily).

    Cancel those two boxes, then find "PSP" from the extensions list. Click the "Advanced" button. In the actions list, if "open" is not in bold, select and then click "set default". Next, click "Edit", and copy across the details that you saved in Notepad. Click OK to clear each dialogue box. You should now be able to double-click PSP files.

    your Outlook Express problem: create a new message to your group; click save, then close it. The new message should be in your draft folder. Within that folder, make as many copies of the message as you like. (Click the message, then Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.) To send a message, double-click it from the drafts folder. It should definitely have a "send" button.
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    Re: a liitle MORE help with paint shop pro?

    Hi Freakmaster.

    I have a non-profit site I do for a kids athletic club. (

    I'd really like to find the source for the waving US flag letters you use (if I'm not asking too much.)


    I found you wile trying to fix the "Windows cannot find" issue above when opening jpg's etc to PSP.

    I did as you said and PSP does open the image *BUT* I still get this error pop up:

    Any idea how to get Window XP Pro to figure it out?
    Feel free to email directly.


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