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Thread: Shutdown,Standby,Hibernate not working

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    Shutdown,Standby,Hibernate not working

    I'm running Win XP on a compaq laptop...Shutdown hangs up at "Windows is shutting down..." and Standby/Hibernate do not restore...Have done alot of checks...I have ACPI so have no Power options APM tab to check on...wondering if CPU at 100% is cause of problem..according to taskmgr - but ProcessExplorerNT shows System Idle 60% and System I assume this is ok...any suggestions....TIA

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    Re: Shutdown,Standby,Hibernate not working

    How about shutting down in safe mode?.. if works
    then either its some running process or some driver which doesn't load in safe mode.

    and system using 30% is not right... it happens when some hardware is kind of stuck e.g. printer or HDD/ CD rom are running in non - DMA mode.

    try removing any third party drivers you may have ...

    also visit and get 'autoruns' and then check...

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