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Thread: Kepler BIOS Tweaker Tool question

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    Kepler BIOS Tweaker Tool question

    I was searching for a tool to flash the Geforce 680 video card that I have and I came across one which was called Kepler BIOS Tweaker. I dont know whether it is a genuine tool that can be used to flash the video card bios because there are no many informations that I can gather about it? Can anyone tell me how to use it without any issues? Thanks.
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    Re: Kepler BIOS Tweaker Tool question

    The Kepler BIOS Editor or Unlocker tool can be used to edit or unlock the BIOS of your GPU, but you will have to do the flash all by yourself only,for that you can download the bios from the office website of the video card and then use the same bios saved from GPU-Z for flashing.

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    Re: Kepler BIOS Tweaker Tool question

    Remember that if the kgb and the bios has to be placed in the same folder so that the command like should be executed properly. You also need to ensure that you have to use the suggested version of GPU-z s that your original bios can be edited. After once you have your edited Bios, then you need to make a bootable usb drive for same.

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    Re: Kepler BIOS Tweaker Tool question

    You can also use this software to flash it or get information about the bios that you are having and save it to a file, if you put the Bios tweaker exe file with the nvflash for windows in the same folder. It is the best Kepler Bios editor which allows you to set many things. Incase you use it to set boost then also use it to increase the boost table so that it matches or could be higher then what you want in the end.

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