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Thread: Best free folder lock software for windows 8

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    Best free folder lock software for windows 8

    Dear all,
    Which is the best free folder lock software for windows 8 ? I am aware of some but I am not sure if they will work with windows 8. So I donít want to waste my time in installing and uninstalling them. Just suggest me some compatible and free folder lock software for windows 8, I will pick up the best from your suggestions.

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    Re: Best free folder lock software for windows 8

    You can check out Secure Folder. It is ideal free software for protecting files and folders on Windows 8. It also offers AES 256-bit encryption. Itís quite simple to use, you just have to download it from its official site install it in your system, click on Add button to browse to the folder, check the parameter option you want , click on secure and you are done. For unlocking the same folder, you can select the folder form Secure Folder program window and click on insecure button.
    Searching the forums can help you to find your answers more quickly

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    Re: Best free folder lock software for windows 8

    I am using WinFolder Lock Pro, I am using the same for my windows 8 pro. It is a free file encryption or folder locking software and has Metro look for Windows 8. Once you protect your files and folder using WinFolder Lock Pro then Copy, Move, Rename or Delete operation will break for those files are folders.
    WinFolder Lock Pro is compatible with windows xp , windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. By now I have used it on windows 8 and windows 8 and I am quite satisfied with it.

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