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Thread: Beyond compare 3 doing actions without asking user

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    Beyond compare 3 doing actions without asking user

    I am using BC3 for comparison of various data files in my computer. The problem is that when I want to compare two files with each other, I put those files in BC3 and the comparison work starts immediately without even asking user if they want to start comparison. But if I want to compare multiple files with a single file, then after loading the files, the BC3 software asks me if I want to start comparison or not. I wanted to know why is BC3 behaving this way, can someone tell me if the software is built in this manner or is there any problem with it?

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    re: Beyond compare 3 doing actions without asking user

    Whenever you drag two files in the BC3 software for comparison, the software considers that you are confirmed about the content that you want to compare. Thus it starts comparison without any prompt. If you want to compare two files and you add them manually by opening them through the software itself, then the comparison process wonít start until you click on the compare button. Also when comparing multiple items, you donít get an auto start.

    I think the logic behind this must be that developers must have thought that users can add files from various locations on the hard drive. If auto start is enabled, user might not be able to add files from different location.

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    re: Beyond compare 3 doing actions without asking user

    Also when beginning the comparison of two data files, you can just type in the location of the files in the search bar and then when you have finished entering the address for all the files that you want to compare, you can start comparison. I donít think that I have encountered any instance where the comparison must have automatically started.

    I havenít seen the content of the settings of BC3. But maybe there must be some option for automatic comparison of the files when using BC3. I think you should check out the settings of BC3 for some option that will toggle the automatic comparison.

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    re: Beyond compare 3 doing actions without asking user

    Maybe some bug has hit your software that is starting the automatic comparison. I think that you should uninstall the BC3 software and re-install it again. If this doesnít solve the problem, you can just e-mail the developers with your query and they might solve your problem. You can send the screenshots or screen capture videos for better verification of your problem. Structure of computers is different from one another. Maybe co-incidentally some problem of the BC3 must have got triggered in your computer.

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