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Thread: Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

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    Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

    Rainmeter is the second application that I am running in my windows system now. Before Rainmeter I was using Winstep which was no doubt the best app I had in my system. Just for a change I uninstalled this app and installed Rainmeter. However I noticed a huge difference between these two apps.

    Both are definitely well performing application and also they both do the same tasks but I have seen the memory consumption of both this apps are entirely different. I have noticed that winstep actually consumes alot CPU and RAM whereas Rainmeter consumes less memory with respect to both CPU and RAM. What do you guys think about it?

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    Re: Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

    Yes somewhere I do agree with your statement. Just because winstep used to consume lot of memory, without any second thought, I simply uninstalled this app from my computer system. Initially I doubted my computer for this problem as the issue never raised previously when I was having Rainmeter. But after inspecting my entire system I found that the problem was actually with winstep. I won’t take it as a problem in winstep as the amount of memory it consume is normal but when you compare it with Rainmeter memory consumption you will see a huge drastic difference between the both apps memory consumption. I am not sure about the CPU usage but surely winstep consumes lot of RAM memory which is never acceptable for me. I simply swapped the app with again Rainmeter. Rainmeter is the perfect app for the customizing desktop.

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    Re: Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

    I do not agree with any of you. I have currently Rainmeter running in my windows 7 computer machine. The memory consumption by this app seems to be quite high and inconsistence. The memory keeps on fluctuating between 20 to 30MB. I do not problem with the range at which the memory increases but it’s the inconsistency that makes me irritated.

    I never came across Winstep, therefore I am not sure how it would perform when compared to rainmeter. But I am sure winstep would at least not show such inconsistency issue. Overall I just wanted to say that I am not at all impressed with the Rainmeter memory usage.

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    Re: Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

    If you check out the official site of Winstep you read out the FAQs from there you might find a question which asks the same question. There the answer for the memory usage by winsteps has been given positively. According to them the memory usage entirely depends upon the activities we do on our computer and not upon the winstep application.

    I never had any problem with winsteps. My CPU and RAM memory usage always remains at the normal range. I mean they do increase a bit but that doesn’t really matters as external applications are bound to increase the memory usage at certain level.

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    Re: Compared to Winstep, Rainmeter consumes less CPU and ram

    I know that if we install and run an application it is bound to show a memory usage but what if the application itself shows a high memory usage.

    Everyone knows that winstep is a kind of application which helps us to present the task manager is such a way that we can monitor each and everything easily on the desktop with opening the Task Manager. I do monitors and show the other applications memory usage and performance but whenever I check the list of the applications showing memory usage, Winstep becomes the top rated one. It uses the maximum CPU and Ram amongst all other apps which are opened. I have experienced many a times. Initially the applications used to run fine but later on as days passed on the memory usage started increasing a lot. I was quite shocked to see that at one point of time I also received a high memory usage alert window appearing on my screen. Getting afraid of this warning message I simply turned off Winstep and uninstalled it from my computer. Recently last week in again installed Rainmeter and guess what? This app is really awesome. It does consume less CPU and RAM as compared to winstep.

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