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Thread: Canít see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

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    Canít see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

    Just after I made the upgrade I started facing lots of problems now. Let me tell you that until yesterday everything was working fine, I mean my GameStop then the stardock apps and also other games were doing well but just after I did the update of GameStop to version 4.00.800 I canít see Stardock apps. Only the games are visible but no Stardock apps at all. Can anyone help me out in letting me know my problem and also provide me a solution to get the stardock apps back?

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    Re: Canít see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

    I think you arenít well aware of the current news. Firstly let me tell you that the Stardock central has been right now replaced the the GameStop. Now onwards you can simply directly download and update all your apps with the help of the standalone installer. Downloading the apps as a standalone product is a suggested option. Better uninstall the GameStop but make sure that you do not have purchased any games yet.

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    Re: Canít see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

    I do have a problem with updating the GameStop into my machine to 4.0. Actually the problem is that after I updated the GameStop, I am not able to login to GameStop though the app. I though with modifying the login I would manage to get into GameStop but unfortunately, I was restricted due to the validations. Not just with the login but also there were few other problems that I faced. Whenever I tried to add anything to the cart, the screen used to go blank instead viewing me the things that I added into the cart. I know getting such blank white screen means that I can no more buy any games. Please guys help me. Did I do anything wrong during the update of GameStop. Or its my Windows XP system that is causing the problem.

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    Re: Canít see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

    The best thing you can do is contact GameStop Technical support and ask them to re-validate your account. This is the only way to get out of the validation issue. I donít think you can manually be able to change the login of your account. They are the only one who can easily do the modification with your account with any trouble. And even if any problem is caused during the changes they will be the responsible one so at least you will be away from the trouble. Now about download and purchase restriction I am sure that itís the antivirus or the firewall of your machine which is disallowing the Gamestop to connect. Better you verify whether the antivirus you are having have currently running is compatible or not.

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