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Thread: Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

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    Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

    I have Windows XP as my operating system of my computer. I have been using Comodo anti-virus to protect my computer since a long time. Now for installation of certain softwares, I need to use Deamon tools to launch the ISO file of the software. Also to use Daemon tools properly, I need to have SPTD in my computer. But it seems that they are having problem working with Comodo antivirus as it detects them as a threat. Can someone help me to install Daemon Tools and SPTD along with Comodo antivirus?

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    Re: Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

    I know this problem and many people who are using Comodo antivirus are facing it too. But there is a solution to it and I have installed Daemon Tools and SPTD such that they work properly along with Comodo antivirus.

    1) See to it that SPTD is properly installed in your computer. Then go under SPTD list in the Start and find SPTD settings. Here if you see ‘SPTD detected’, then the SPTD is working perfectly in you r computer.

    2) Now that it is confirmed that SPTD is running properly in your computer, go in the settings of Comodo antivirus and find the settings for Defense+. Under these settings, you will find Execution Control Settings. This is the place where you have to set which application you want to exclude from being detected. The option for exclusion can be found on the bottom left part of the screen.

    3) Now restart Daemon tools and every process related to it. It is better to kill the process tree of Daemon tools from Task Manager.

    4) Now check the SPDT version form Daemon tools to see if it is installed or not. If everything is proper than your Daemon tools and SPTD will work properly. You don’t need any re-installs or restarts to do this.

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    Re: Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

    I got this issue with Zone Alarm. I was trying to install Daemon tool but it does not worked. I had tried a number of different things but nothing worked out. The last thing I did is removed Zone Alarm from the system. I wiped it out completely and then ran CCleaner to clean up invalid registry files also. Then I installed Daemon tool and all required stuff. After that I went with installation of Zone Alarm back and it worked. There is no issue now. I think you must also try the same thing. Some security application does not allow you to modify system files. So you can remove them and then re-install it back.

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    Re: Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

    Did you tried deactivating the virus and then moving ahead with the setup. I do this many time whenever I get a installation warning on my screen at the time of software installation. I deactivate the antivirus. I am using AVG here. I was trying to install a few set of free games. But it failed. Each time when I extract I get a warning about the file. I deactivated it for an hour and the setup went fine. I think your issue can also be resolved if you go ahead with turning off the antivirus for sometime and then activating it back again.

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