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Thread: Where to find a good free ERP software for small business

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    Where to find a good free ERP software for small business

    I am looking for a free erp software for a small business. We had a institution which deal with in house product sales and purchase. Now the issue is, it is not well organized. To take the business at next level you nee a good IT infrastructure. Budget wise this will be a costly expensive for a small scan business. So I am trying to find advice on a alternative and cheap solution. I had seen a number of free ERP tools, but not sure what to go for. Many of them ask for payment, when a time period gets over. Means they are free for some time only. Can anyone suggest me a good free ERP software which can be good for in house needs. If that is in budget or less costly then I am also ready to purchase the license copy of the same.

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    Re: Where to find a good free ERP software for small business

    If you are going for ERP solution then it is not recommended to go for a free tool. Because it will give you less features and there will be no proper technical support. Instead of that a cheaper ERP tool can give you proper tech support in case you need. Here I am not going to list you which is cheaper or which is costly. I will list you the top ERP software's that are must recommended for any small or mid scan industry. The developers of ERP software knows well what are the common requirements of a company. They design that in such a way that you can take your business to next level. One of them is Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics provides you world wide access and awesome tech support. You can simply work with Office 365 and a known interface. The best thing about using this is that, you have a future option to choose a CRM and integrate your ERP with CRM if needed. Other than this you can get your customize pack by answering some simple question based on a short survey. Why I recommend you to go for Microsoft Dynamics, that they give you industry specific solution. There are services on the web which will charge you much higher to give you a ERP solution based on your company. Because there are ample of aspect which are not covered in a free tool. What matters is a more organize way to manage your business and on the same hand keep on growing. So you cannot simply switch your entire process in between.

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    Re: Where to find a good free ERP software for small business

    Recently in news I found a tool called 2bizbox. The news said that this is a kind of free ERP solution for small size business. This module is made for those who are in the make to order type business. You can gain a lot in this ERP solution. It is almost a pack of solutions that you will never find in any other ERP solution. There are modules that you can try out. In my views this can be a low cost solution for you.

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    Re: Where to find a good free ERP software for small business

    2bizbox is a free. I had tested this. And is quiet easy to use. It offer you a 167mb download. Install this and you can simply use it for your existing business. I found that this is a kind of open source solution for those you are looking for low cost ERP. There are number of modules her you can try out and this is really very less expensive. It is quiet easy and powerful tool. If we talk about the architecture of this tool then it is mostly client server based. Here you need to install a client version on your system and a server on the central server pc. Once done you can create client access and perform a number of actions. You can also give your users access to the server to place order or to find out about any process. It is quiet safe to handle your business documentation on this tool. There is a dedicated section for Purchase, Sales, Warehouse and more. Under that you have more modules to keep a track what is going on. There is cloud support also added to this tool which is chargeable. They offer a monthly plan of $99 per month, $199 and $499.

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