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Thread: Pixelated Video Output on VLC

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    Pixelated Video Output on VLC

    Can anyone help me to get an answer why I am getting pixelated video on VLC. I had installed the new version in my system. I have some videos which are taken from a camcorder. I had converted that to mp4 with imtoo video convertor. The video work well on Windows Media Player on my laptop. But when I play that on VLC the video quality degrades. I do not understand the issue behind it. It is a high quality video taken from digital camcorder. And the camcorder specs say that the video generated from it can be played in any default player. In my desktop I am facing crashing issue with media player, so I installed VLC. It is playing all other dvd files that I can copy pasted in my system. I am not able to figure out the issue behind this. Do I need to re-install VLC or the issue is related to video.

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    Re: Pixelated Video Output on VLC

    I am not sure, but if that video works fine in Windows Media Player then it should play in VLC. I think you must try to re-install VLC one and then check back. Pixelated video also occur due to poor or outdated video driver. You need to upgrade that to the most latest one to get a best quality video output. It is recommended that you must first update the drivers and then check back. Also try to play the raw quality video that is generated by camcorder instead of converting it to any other media. I think the conversion might have done done wrongly or VLC does not has appropriate codec to read that. Did you checked the completely video on your laptop. Run it and check it entirely. Second the issue can also be improper copy pasting. Did you get any repair video error message on your screen when you run the player. If yes then the entire file is not copied properly. Install VLC in your laptop also and see what kind of video quality you can see there.

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    Re: Pixelated Video Output on VLC

    Just re-install vlc and then check. If your system requirement is low try to compress the video to more lower quality. And if the video size is gbs then the issue will be common because of low hardware resource.

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    Re: Pixelated Video Output on VLC

    Run new codec updates. There are chances when you do not get proper video codec and because of which you face such issue. The video convertor that I use is Total Video Convertor. It can convert a good quality video. Try this out. There can be some issue with the convertor you are using. I do not think vlc might be responsible for that. After converting a video there are chances that you loose the actual quality. So it is better recommended that you use a good video convertor. Disable any kind of effects in video.

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