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Thread: Audio comes out to be uncompressed in CamStudio 2.6

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    Audio comes out to be uncompressed in CamStudio 2.6

    Seems like my Camstudio 2.6 program is not recording properly. I mean the recording is done properly but as mentioned above in the thread the audio is showing some sort of odd behavior. Actually in camstudio 2.6 the audio isnít coming out to be uncompressed. This is not the first time I am suing Camstudio, in fact I have been using it since its first version onwards but never had any issue or trouble with any of them except for the current one I am having. This is the core reason why I am blaming 2.6 version for the audio issue or else there could be something missing in my own machine; some kind of key components.

    Its not that I didnít try out anything as a solution, did lot of things but nothing worked. I know that the already installed audio codec in computer is working fine but even then I tried numerous audio codecs including some of the well known ones but however the result was the same. As I already said a missing component could be the issue. Active X plugin could be one amongst those components. As far as I know Active X plugin are the main cause of chaining the program and the installed audio codec. So either itís the Active X plugin component or itís the installed audio codec that is corrupted but I however I am unable to make out the exact cause. So please help me with some suitable suggestion.

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    Re: Audio comes out to be uncompressed in CamStudio 2.6

    You can give my suggestion a try and let me know the result. Try installing a redistributable package for installing certain runtime components into your machine. You can go for installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. This will surely help you in installing the runtime component that is necessary for your system to run the application. Applications that have been developed with Visual C++ SP1 needed this Package. In short this package can be installed for those machines that do not have Visual C++ 2008 SP1. You can also install Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. But before installing the package make sure that you fulfill certain important system specifications.

    It can easily work for any windows system that came after Windows XP i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, then Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. With the OS also remember the service pack needed. For windows Vista you need to have SP2 or any later edition, for windows XP you should have Service Pack 3 but not lesser than this and with windows 7 anything is fine. There are few more specifications but that doesnít really comes under consideration because now days PCs do come with certain minimum configuration which fulfills the minimum requirement any program or software.

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    Re: Audio comes out to be uncompressed in CamStudio 2.6

    Hey, the above solution doesnít work for everyone because the problem somewhere lies within the version itself. Instead of installing the package that has been mentioned above you can better try out the Beta version of Camstudio. Trust me I have it in one of my windows XP system and until now it havenít created any kind of issue for me. I am really enjoying it to the fullest. I am not sure but I heard people saying this 2.6 version is actually not well compatible for the audio range, the audio format settings are not well defined in this version so therefore they are creating issue.

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