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Thread: Recording window of CamStudio 2.6 is disappearing

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    Recording window of CamStudio 2.6 is disappearing

    Recently downloaded and installed Camstudio 2.6 in my Windows XP system. Now either the installation have not been performed properly or else I have not the software itself is corrupted. Camstudioís widow went off completely during the first time of its use. I opened the app and got busy with doing some other activity. I thought the application was opened in the background but I was wrong, when I closed everything I found even this application was closed without any affords. As far as I know I didnít do anything with the application from the starting time after I opened the app.

    I am really not sure what exactly went wrong, tried to figure out a lot but failed all the time. When I try to open the app it opens up properly but after I access other things, it goes off completely. The only thing right now coming into my mind is to reinstall the software completely by first uninstalling it all the way. But however I was suggested by my bother to first search for the a solution on internet and then carry on with the re-installation process. This is the only reason I am coming here and posting a special thread about the same. Now please, I do not want to leave empty handed. Please help me out and let me know what the main reason for this issue is? Experienced people with the same issue can help me out better.

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    Re: Recording window of CamStudio 2.6 is disappearing

    Yeah you are right experienced people can help you out well; not with any solution but with certain dos and doníts. I am once amongst you who lost the app completely. After I installed the software from Microsoftís official site, I was smoothly able to open it without any issue. But then suddenly the window of the app disappeared and then later on when I tried to reopen the app believing that the first time it might have got closed because of my foolishness I saw that even after clicking on the icon the app wasnít opening. It kept on showing the load option i.e. the cursor changed its behavior into the type loading. There is no way I can figure out any fault or do any settings changes until I am able to open the app windows completely. Obviously if the window isnít opening then how come I will be able to check out the possibilities?

    However the only option that left for me was to remove the app completely and then reinstall it again into my windows machine. Guess what? I even failed with the reinstallation process. Until now this is the 10th time I tried to remove and reinstall the software. Obviously only after removing the software I will be able to install it again but I am not only able remove it from my machine. Most interestingly it says that the Recorder is open and therefore cannot be removed or deleted. Now nothing is running into my mind. Anyways just wanted to tell you that reinstalling doesnít going to help you out.

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    Re: Recording window of CamStudio 2.6 is disappearing

    The best you can try doing check out the system Tray. If you are unable to open up or access any of your application this is the best place to search for it. Anyways in Tray you can search for the Camstudio icon. Most of the time the application instead of staying at the taskbar it simply go and minimize in the tray. It doesnít happen all the time but in rare cases such things do take place. If you want to view the Camstudio window just give a normal double click and the window is in front of you on the screen and if you right click on the icon in the tray you can manage to start your process without maximizing the screen. You can easily access your recording process from there i.e. start, stop and pause.

    I am not sure whether this is you exact problem but most of the less experienced user do get confuse when their application minimized into the tray. If you have unknowingly closed the app, then believe that it has actually not closed instead they have been minimized at the Tray. Like Camstudio there are other applications too which do show the same behavior like torrents is one of them. These apps do not get closed even after clicking on the X close icon, rather than go and sit at the Tray continuing their task without any interruption. They wont close until the process completed or you stop and interrupt the process by yourself. By right clicking and selecting the Exit option can also close the app from the tray.

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    Re: Recording window of CamStudio 2.6 is disappearing

    Oh, thatís great! I wasnít really aware of such thing. You know believing that I corrupted my software I kept on trying hard to get rid of it anyhow. However as already told by the above friend that the software was not able to get removed which in turn restricted the process of reinstallation.

    But you know what? I managed to reinstall the software again. What I did was in frustration saved all my session in the browser I was using and then rebooted the machine completely. I knew that this will exit the program somehow so therefore after the computer started I deleted it from the system and then reinstalled it. But obviously ultimately I ended up at the same place, wasnít able to exit it normally but however after your explanation I understood everything perfectly.

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