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Thread: Burn avi or mov files with smooth motion or panning in Roxio Toast 11

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    Burn avi or mov files with smooth motion or panning in Roxio Toast 11

    Currently I have Roxio Toast 11 installed on my Mac Pro (OS 10.6.8) based on Intel chipset and processor. I usually prefer Roxio Toast for burning dvd's using different format video files files. But from last few days I have noticed that there are horizontal and vertical camera panning of scenes and they are very much jerky.

    Is there any way or settings to fix this in Toast before burning the files to DVD ? I tried to find out the required settings but dint got any. I am trying to burn MPEG-2 Video Format and currently all the settings are set to default. I didn't change anything. Usually I burn DVDs in PAL format and they all are in either 25 fps or 23.9 fps. What method should i use to format the Files properly and burn it appropriately? Please help.

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    Re: Burn avi or mov files with smooth motion or panning in Roxio Toast 11

    I think that the issue you are having is due to the incompatible compression or could be a interlace issue. I am not sure about it because have never used this product. Anyways, you should learn a about the MPEG2 compression. I have heard that many camcorders usually record the video in MPEG2 or MPEG4 format and these video files needs to be decompressed before being compressed again. The compression will be succeeded efficiently by settings 28 of the 30 frames and "memorizing" the motion difference between frames. So, if the video contains a lot of motion (panning shots), I donít think that it will going to compress well.

    Alternatively just to check it, you can make use of a short clip and do some experiment with different settings available. You should choose Progressive rather than Interlaced in the QuickTime custom settings window. It would help you to get the best picture quality.

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    Re: Burn avi or mov files with smooth motion or panning in Roxio Toast 11

    If you are Roxio Toast 11 user, you might have heard about a new feature called VideoBoost. It is used to take the advantage of the Nvidia graphics chips/cards or GPU in order to speed up H.264 video conversion. If your Mac does have a support for it, you can use VideoBoost Acceleration option which will be available in the Player Setup window. Remember that this support is available from only few Nvidia GPUs, not all.

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    Re: Burn avi or mov files with smooth motion or panning in Roxio Toast 11

    In Roxio Toast 11 you will get a nice selection of Options with which you can customize any settings regarding your burn project according to your needs. You can see those options on the right -side of the Roxio window. There you will have an option to specify the disc format (DVD-Video or HD DVD) whilst you can still choose from one of the many pre-installed menu templates. You can customize the appearance of the menu also. Also you will have option to select the Quality of the output. I actually not used the Roxio Toast 11 but I assume that it will contain more than we thought like what you have expected (smooth motion or panning).

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