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Thread: Getting “Could not open the encoder” error with VLC 2.0.1

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    Getting “Could not open the encoder” error with VLC 2.0.1

    Someone help me out with this error message that I am getting with VLC media player. 2.0.1 is the recent update I made in this media player but looks like the update has some bug or some problem in it. After the update whenever I tried opening the player I ended up getting the above mentioned error which says could not open the encoder”. The error is actually comes along with “Streaming/Transcoding failed” message and this message always appears in a different red color font followed with the above mentioned message. Trust me; I did nothing during or after the update. The error starts automatically without any reason.

    Generally I have a habit of opening the player both manually and with the help of the command line. Most probably I used to go for opening it at the startup but after I fell into the error I preferred to go for starting the player manually. However even manual starting doesn’t seem to be doing any trick. I get the same error with no difference. Sometimes VLC even crashes along with the message.

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    Re: Getting “Could not open the encoder” error with VLC 2.0.1

    I am not sure but I guess streaming is the major cause of the issue. As we all have updated VLC to the later version we are unable to stream or it could be that the videos are purposely failing to stream HTTP and Transcoding. I have noticed it many a times that this exact same error message arrives in my window mostly when I go for streaming. With the last version everything was well and fine. No streaming use to cause any problem or interruption either with the audio or with the video. The only reason I am not getting panic is because I have strong feeling that there is something that I am doing wrong while streaming in this latest version. So please guys someone please help me out in clearing my own confusion. I have heard many people saying that streaming in this new version i.e. VLC 2.0.1 is quite different, is it true?

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    Re: Getting “Could not open the encoder” error with VLC 2.0.1

    There are two options left with you. Either downgrade back to your previous version or else go for trying out 2.0.2 nightlies. I haven’t got any update or confirm news about the current the issue that you people are facing but however most of the VLC users who faced such error problem turned back to some other version leaving 2.0.1. However currently its 2.0.2 nightlies which has been in a big news with its performance. I am sure you won’t face any problem with 2.0.2. Even I am using it and its working great and also streaming fine. Go for it or switch to something other but do not say with 2.0.1 and waste your time in searching for the solution or fix for the same. Do not completely remove the existing version as who know, you might get the solution for it by today itself or tomorrow.

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    Re: Getting “Could not open the encoder” error with VLC 2.0.1

    Here’s what I found in one of the forum on internet for the same problem. There it was said that this 2.0.1 version has some bug in it which is causing the jpg encoder not enabling at all. Anyways for the fix you need not have to do much just follow the simple steps:
    • In your VLC player under Tools go to Preferences and then inside Preferences go to video category. From there simply change the preferences to “png.”
    • Now save if there is any option available for that and then close the application. If want you can also reboot your machine and then restart everything. Now hope everything will work fine, in fact I guess everything should work well.

    I know I am being very much confident because this fix was suggested to me by the tech support. Obviously they won’t suggest us with a wrong solution.

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