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Thread: HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

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    HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

    I just downloaded VLC player 2.0 and installed it in my computer. The first movie that I played on it was ‘Pirates of Caribbean: on Stranger Tides’. I was playing the Blue Ray version of this movie and it was of high resolution. When the movie was played, I saw that whole software was lagging and the picture actually froze many times for a couple of seconds. I killed some processes and again played the movie, but this time too movie lagged. It was like watching movie in a slow motion. I don’t know what is happening, I re-installed VLC player 2.0 twice, but still the same result. Can anybody tell me how to make a HD Video play in VLC media player properly?

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    Re: HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

    I can’t tell you exactly what the problem can be with your VLC media player, but you can try running the VLC media player in Windows GDI video output. It will found in the video tab of the preferences. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then maybe VLC media player 2.0 is missing the codec that is needed to play the high definition video that you are trying. You must not be marking that codec when it prompts you to select codec during installation. By default, VLC media player doesn’t have all the codecs selected during installation. Try selecting all these codecs and then try to install.

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    Re: HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

    This issue is seen many times in the monitor which has low refresh rate than the output giving software. VLC media Player 2.0 will give you increased refresh rate which is necessary for many new formats. If your monitor or the display unit is more than three years old, then this might be the problem for sure. One thing you can do is to revert back to using older version of VLC media player that was running the mentioned movie properly or else you can buy a new GPU that will balance the refresh rate of VLC media player 2.0 and the display unit.

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    Re: HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

    but you can try running the VLC media player in Windows GDI video output.
    Turning on the Windows GDI video output won’t help. It might give you balanced refresh rate in your video, but it will compromise the quality of the video greatly. You will notice lower brightness and contrast in the video. Also the sharpness will be reduced. This will be done to balance the framerate and the quality of the video. Another drawback of using Windows GDI video output is that on larger screens, the video will look worse. You will start seeing jagged edges and also notice micro stuttering in the video.

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