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Thread: Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

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    Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

    Hi friends it has been three weeks since I am facing this issue and now I am feed up of this. I am final year engineering student and want to work on Dreamweaver to develop some web pages as it is the part of my project work. But it has been three weeks whenever I start the Dreamweaver Creative Suite 4 on my computer it freezes on the start itself. I have downloaded Photoshop and Dreamweaver from the official adobe website.

    The Photoshop works perfectly fine and I am using it since last 2 weeks but Dreamweaver is not working. It first hangs for some time and then crashes. I have uninstalled the Dreamweaver CS4 and again reinstalled it at least for six to seven times but it is of no use can anyone suggest something for this. Hey friends need urgent help. Please help. It’s really very urgent.

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    Re: Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

    I faced this issue for around a month, found a lot of solutions but none of them was worth so I contacted adobe support had a long conversation with them but in the end all failed it was of no use. So I started with my own Research & Development and at last found a solution which worked for me my Dreamweaver is now working fine and since then have not faced any issues. The solution which I used is as follows just have a look at it:

    1. Click “Start” and then Click “Run” you can even do this by holding the windows key and pressing “R”.
    2. Type “regedit” in the run without quotes and hit enter.
    3. This will open the system registry now navigate to the below mentioned keys
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\Temp File List\
      delete them and all its content.
    4. Now reboot the system when you restart the registry keys will be again created but you will not face the issue which you were facing. Your Dreamweaver won’t crash again.

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    Re: Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

    It can even be due to 8KB bug. It is very weird and very rare bug that can make Dreamweaver crash on the start up. Because of this bug it will make your software crash again and again on startup. It affects Dreamweaver CS 4 on the Windows system. It is mainly because of a file of size 8192 bytes i.e. 8kb or there can be multiple such files.

    The solution for this is very simple and very rare as the bug. You will have to open the file in the text editor and you will have to add some extra lines or comments to the file so that its size increases. Save this file and restart Dreamweaver. This will remove the bug, if you find that the file is an image or other type of media file then edit it so it is not the multiple of 8Kb. Try this and see whether it works or not. I know this solution sounds weird but it does worked for me. I am using Dreamweaver now with no issues.

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    Re: Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

    It most of the times happen due to the corrupted cache files. Sometimes Dreamweaver creates some cache files while working but if this cache files are corrupted then Dreamweaver freezes on the startup. The cache files will be WinFileCache-********.dat here the “*(asterisk)” indicates series of letters or numbers which will different for different computers. Now to solve this problem you will have to delete the cache file now as you are using a Windows 7 operating system then you will be able to track the file using this path. Go to C: drive and open Users account, you have to open the folders in the following sequence.
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\<language>\Configuration
    Now here “username” is the name of the user account that you are using and the “language” indicates the language you have choose for your operating system. It is usually represented by two pair of characters separated by an underscore.
    Sometimes just deleting the cache file is not sufficient you will even have to delete the configuration folder entirely. To locate the personnel configuration folder just follow the below given path:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration
    Sometimes the configuration folder is hidden in windows operating system so you will have to first view the hidden files. Please do not confuse yourself as your personnel configuration folder with the main configuration folder which is in the Program Files both the files are different and don’t even touch the Configuration folder in program files just follow what I said you and it will help you for sure.

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