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Thread: Flash Player wonít grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

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    Flash Player wonít grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    Installed Adobe Flash Player into my windows 7 x64 bit system long back ago, it works great without giving any trouble or issue but thereís something wrong with the upgrade I guess. I have seen a huge difference between to version of Flash player. I have noticed that with version some of buttons were as expected grey out in the Settings manager but when upgraded to the same buttons donít know for what reason were not grey out. Buttons like Change update settings and Check Now were not grey when the AutoUpdateDisable=1. Is there anyone who knows the reason why these buttons are not getting grey only in Did I commit any mistake while upgrading to 11.2 versions?

    Let me tell you that I made the use of MSI installer for the upgrade process. Presently the only thing I can find in the MMS.cfg file is 'AutoUpdateDisable=1'. However the button is still grey out even if I take out all the three radio buttons. Please help me out and let me know the exact solution that could probably help me out in either knowing the reason for the buttons not being grey out or the solution for the same.

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    Re: Flash Player wonít grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    With the help of the netstat and wireshark after performing some tests it is for sure that the Flash Player updater is bound to get connect to the internet without any additional support. However currently I have managed to get a feature request for the proxy option that is supposed to be meant for the mms.cfg file but however ended up facing another issue.

    The problem came up while running updater, the flash player updater wasnít able to support and use the SSL self signed certificate during the time of using SilentAutoUpdateServerDomain option but somehow I have managed to report and send the feature request on bugbase on Adobeís official site.

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    Re: Flash Player wonít grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    Without talking about non-related things and directly coming to your doubt I would like to give you the reason for those buttons not getting grey out with this latest 11.2 flash player update. Actually the reason is quite simple, you wonít get any access to those button or they will stay grey until you get an access of Administrator. Itís only the administrator who can get the access to the update settings, clicking on those buttons can simply install the update or else can manage to change the update the settings.

    Hence, make sure that you get appropriate rights and access so that you can easily enable and do all the changes as according to your wish. Let do one thing, just follow the steps as according to me instruction and let me know the changes you encounter. Make sure that you try the following thing with a normal User account and not with the Admin account, also remember that the user account that you are using should not possess any admin rights or privileges. Anyways make the necessary changes with the user account:
    • AutoUpdateDisable=1
    • SilentAutoUpdateEnable=0

    Now this value may turn off all sorts of updates.

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    Re: Flash Player wonít grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    Thereís a best solution that I have got for you. I am not sure but you can however give my solution a try, what you can do with the mms.cfg file is trying setting it to Read Only. Look doing this wonít exactly provide you with what you want but instead it will at least no allow the administrator to select any option other than the ones that are mentioned in the mms.cfg file. Unfortunately still those buttons wonít grey out but at least the access and the permission will be take away with regards to the selection of those buttons.

    Many a times the user administrator privileges are simply given out by certain company but however they still decides to keep up some control within them. I myself have noticed many a times that other than the specified options in the mms.cfg file it doesnít allow the administrator to choose any of the options. With the help of some utility or tools like AutoUpdate if the administrator manages to update the Adobe Flash by their own the MSI package deployment is broken that is meant for the machines and just because of this reason we prefer to prevent the AutoUpdate activity.

    Another best thing that could be done in order to prevent or disable the auto update notification is add and edit certain things in the mms.cfg file. Just follow the steps for the complete procedure:

    1. First of all you need to open the mms.cfg file in the Text editor; you can also create the mms.cfg file if itís not present in your system. after the creation or opening it you need to add up the following Auto update setting, just make sure that you change the AutoUpdateDisable=1. Once done with this save the mms.cfg file

    2. Remember that you need to save this mms.cfg file within a proper system location with UTF-8 encoding for the user operating system. After saving just restart the Flash Player all over again or else you can also start the browser which is running the Flash Player. Over all you need to just verify the Flash player whether the new changes have been made properly or not.

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