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Old 29-05-2012
Join Date: May 2004
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How to use Microsoft PST Capture Tool?

I found that Microsoft has introduced PST capture Tool for Exchange server 2010. I know that above mentioned tool will allow you to handle all kind of .pst files. By using this particular tool an end user will be able to migrate all .PST file to mailbox itself. I really wanted to use it with Exchange 2010 setup in my organization. So let me know how can I setup the same? Any help to resolve the matter will be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Old 29-05-2012
Join Date: Jul 2011
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Re: How to use Microsoft PST Capture Tool?

Well you can get PST capture tool from the official website of Microsoft. After downloading it, simply install it on your system. Once installation has been done your system, check it out whether Microsoft Exchange PST capture service is installed or not. Even you can install agent manually on the system, but it seems to be cumbersome job if you have many systems. Once you have done with above mentioned things you need to look on the configuration part.

From the main screen , click on Tools and go for Settings. It will show Online Connection Settings, it will allow you to connect with BPOS or Office 365.
  • Username: enter your username that you are going to use import all PST files to mailbox. Organization Management should be set if you are looking to import from Office 365,set Exchange Online Administrator for BPOS for same purpose.
  • Password: enter the password for the username that you had entered.
  • Grant delegate access to this mailbox: you should grant full access to user account which you had mentioned above, you will not manually grant permission if you don’t select it.
  • Server: here, we need to think about sever with which tool is going to connect at the time of importing. To find out the same get login into Outlook Web App and,
  • Click on Options from Main screen, Click on See All Options, Click on Account , go for My Account and check it out settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access.
The above is an Office 365 server option should be checked and for BPOS to do the opposite of the same. Finally completing with above mentioned steps you should check out the connectivity and password. If everything is perfectly working and you are able to connect with BPOS or Office 365. Now you need to mentioned whether file should be imported to new folder or somewhere else in the system. I mean you are having couple of options to do the same. You can simply import the PST file at root directory of mail box and create a new folder over there and completing all importing PST file at that folder. This particular thing can be done at Message Import Settings. Even you can mentioned another folder as per your requirement. It totally up to you. To define where to import to PST file you need to select Archive Mailbox Settings. You will get couple of options at that page, which are ‘ Import into the Acrhive Mailbox’ and ‘If no Archive Mailbox exists, then use the default mailbox’ select the desire option as per your need.

By using above mentioned tool we are allowed to import non email items by using Non-mail Items Settings. We know that windows usages temp folder while copy and write operations are taking place on the computer , so while importing PST files we need to mentioned about size of temp folder. In that folder all PST files are kept on temporary basis when you are importing the same. You need to mentioned actual size of that particular folder into Staging Area Settings. There could be situations occur when several issues might occur while importing PST files. in given tool we are having BadItemsLimit parameter that you should set the importing process would continue until specified number of errors are occurred during the process. If you don’t use it, the tool with continue with importing process irrespective of error occur in the process.Finally in General settings window, you will be able to change default port and agent poll information about poll agent.
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Old 29-05-2012
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 632
Re: How to use Microsoft PST Capture Tool?

By using this particular tool you need to find out all PST files on the system. Select desire PST files that you wanted to import by means of Import list. Click on New PST Search? button. This will launch New PST Search wizard on the system. to find out whether computer has installed Agent, you need to look on Agent Detected column. Click on Computers checkbox if you are looking to search PST files on all computers.After completion of search process all, PST file should be displayed into tabular form. If you wanted to change search criteria, you should simply go for Edit PST Search... to make changes. Click on New Import List... , click on OnPrem Import List. A list of all PST files should be created. This PST files can be imported into the on-premises Exchange environment.
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