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Thread: Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

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    Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

    Is there anyone who is aware about whetehr the Direct X 11.1 is getting to Windows 7 or it is only reserved for the Windows 8 to release?

    I have searched all over this topic and but I couldnít able to resolute my doubts. I donít know what Microsoft is planning because now its concentration is fully toward the Windows 8 and implementing compatible things to it as soon as possible. Is there anyone knows the right thing about the compatibility of Windows 7 and Direct X 11.1. The requirements of Direct X 11.1 say that it needs WDDM 1.2 and it is only available in Windows 8 DP or CP.

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    Re: Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

    We are currently talking about the Direct3D 11.1 now Microsoft itself has renamed the DirectX 11.1 as Direct3D 11.1. You can get the full details about it on Microsoft Dev center. Now everything is about the DirectX in Metro. There is no guarantee that Windows 7 will get any more improvement because Microsoft is only discussing improvements of DirectX to make it completely compatible with the Metro. Direct3D 11.1 will come with Windows 8. It is just revised version but comes with more performance and efficiency along with little new functionality. They are:
    • Making the Windows 8 capable to handle Intel/NVIDIA/AMD GPUs,
    • To provide better access to Media output like video playback and encoding
    • Performance boost for WARP
    • Shader tracing
    • Stereoscopic 3D

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    Re: Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

    The Microsoft will not bring the DirectX 11.1 support for Windows 7 due to several reasons and most important one is the compatibility of GPU. They have found that the present Graphics processor are not fully compatible with this new technology. The DirectX 11.1 fully concentrated on 3D graphics and improves the visibility of Metro UI. They have also announced that only future released GPUs are compatible with the DirectX-11.1-interface on Windows 8. Yet, there are no details about the Hardware related things but I assume that it surely targeted to 3D gaming.

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    Re: Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

    First someone told me that the DirectX 11.1 is backward compatible with DX11 GPUs but yet there is no confirmation about this news and still we donít have any idea about Windows 7 or vista compatibility. So far the only supported Operating system is Window 8. Also there are no special GPUs which were specially built to support this technology either from the AMD or Nvidia side. Direct3D 11.1 offers shader tracing, with this a developer can easily trace the Shade problem without the need of iGpu tools and rectify it easily. Shader tracing works with the HLSL compiler and both the implemented in D3dcompiler_nn.dll. Actually this DL is not the part of the Windows 8 but it is the part of SDK for Windows 8. You can find this DLL in \bin folder of the SDK

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