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Thread: How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

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    How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

    Hello friends, need a little help.

    I am a new guy in the field of development. I was thinking to provide users the ability to browse SharePoint used for the file. It must be in the way that the dialog must return the URL to me for that particular file. I have no idea that how that can be done and so I am posting this over here. Can somebody over here tell me any simple way to do that?

    Please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

    There is a Plug in called "jQuery tree view" that will help you for sure. But that alone will not work in this case. You will need to use the Sharepoint client object model as well. It makes it possible to build a tree expandable and dynamic from an HTML fragment (specifically a series of elements <ul> nested). The final effect is really nice and allows you to create very usable interfaces. The plugin also allows you to associate each item lists an icon that represents the state of your item or container of other items according to a convention similar to the file system of operating systems (folders and files). Simply attach the list to the root class file tree and each span the content inside <li> the class folder or file based on its behavior. In addition to these basic settings, the plugin presents further extensions that improve the functionality on tree. These extensions can be activated via the treeview method which is a JSON object containing specific configurations.

    One of the most interesting configurations that I think is unique which allows a single node to be expanded by the same father. The second possible configuration that marks the event concerns toggle which is triggered whenever an URL is opened or closed. The most interesting feature concerns the possibility of continuing the state of the tree (which nodes are expanded and which are not) through the use of cookies or through the object location.

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    Re: How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

    Yes, you can use the Sharepoint client object model. Working with SharePoint means, knowing a set of programming technologies and approaches that need to be balanced for best results and the best investment of the budget of clients. Many times we have to combine alternatives such as:

    • SharePoint Configuration
    • SharePoint Designer
    • Visual Studio
    • Tools (Excel Services and InfoPath for example)

    From the programming point of view, in the 2007 we already had a robust object model to program on the server. However, the work became more complicated when we needed to interact with SharePoint from the client or when SharePoint administrators were not allowed to install components on the server and that makes the risk of destabilizing the farm. Thus there arises some techniques which are characterized by:

    • Leveraging SharePoint web services not very friendly
    • Do wonders with JavaScript and jQuery
    • Do amazing things with SharePoint Designer

    These methods at times gave very good results, sometimes not coming to convince. But those days are over for the developer of SharePoint. Because the 2010 version have many improvements and one that I find most interesting is the Client Object Model of SharePoint 2010.

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    Re: How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

    I would like to post some more information on Sharepoint client object model. Each of variants explained in above post contained in a particular library:

    • Managed: Microsoft.SharePoint.client.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.ClientRuntime.dll (ISAPI folder)
    • Silverlight: Microsoft.SharePoint.client.Silverlight.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.Runtime.dll (LAYOUTS folder \ ClientBin)
    • JavaScript: SP.js (LAYOUTS folder)

    All three models interact with SharePoint through Client.svc service. Developers then programmed against the client object model, but the operations are sent in lots as XML Client.svc service. The service runs Client.svc operations against the server object model and the results are sent back to the customer in the form of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

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