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Thread: Roxio Creator 2012 installation stopped at config.msi

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    Roxio Creator 2012 installation stopped at config.msi

    I have a Dell XPS 830 system which is running on Windows 7. I am here trying to install the latest version of Roxio Creator which is Roxio Creator Pro 2012. The installation is simply interrupted in between. There is a file which is causing this issue. In the error message on screen it is mentioned as config.msi. What should I do know. Thanks.

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    Re: Roxio Creator 2012 installation stopped at config.msi

    In this particular situation I recommend following steps that you can try.
    • Copy and paste ‘msconfig’ without quotes on start search box and press enter. Enter admin password if prompted and click on continue button.
    • In resulting window click on General tab and go for selective Startup.
    • Now click on clear the Load Startup Items check box and go for service tab and click on Hide All Microsoft Services check box and click on Disable All button.
    • After doing the same click on Ok and restart your computer.
    • Now try to install Roxio and see whether it is helpful to you or not.

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    Re: Roxio Creator 2012 installation stopped at config.msi

    After going through your problem you should try to install Roxio Creator 2012 into compatibility mode. Search for setup.exe file of Roxio Creator 2012 and right click on the same. From Right click menu click on Properties. Click on Windows XP service pack 3 under compatibility mode. also check Run this program as an Administrator checkbox. Finally click on Apply and Ok button. Now see whether you are able to install software or not.

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    Re: Roxio Creator 2012 installation stopped at config.msi

    I had figure out that could be useful to resolve your issue.
    1. First of all you should extract zip file of BlackBerry Desktop Software in the temp directory.
    2. Now move into the temp directory and look for SR_MM subdirectory into the same. look for Roxio Media Manager.msi file into it.
    3. After that you should get path information while installation and everything would work for you.

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