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Thread: YMF724 soundcard driver download for Windows 7 64bit

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    YMF724 soundcard driver download for Windows 7 64bit

    Hey friends, I am using windows XP in my computer system and getting bored with it. So, I install the Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate edition in my system. When I am installing driver at that time my sound card driver is not compact-able with windows 7 and cannot install. So, I search on the internet about this problem and download the sound driver from Yamaha website but it does not work again. I am looking for Xwave-192 sound card driver that has a Yamaha YMF724 chipset. Anyone have any idea about this problem then please help.

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    Re: YMF724 soundcard driver download for Windows 7 64bit

    This is very old Sound card. So it is not supports in Windows 7 because windows 7 supportive driver does not develop for this sound card. I think you can download some compatible driver from internet and Extract it in one folder. Use the device manger to update the driver and select that directory which contains that compatible driver. I hope any one of them solves your problem. You are using Yamaha S-yxg50 Xwave-192 Pci Sound Card which is out dated. So, it is better to buy a new sound card which has windows 7 64bit support. Otherwise roll back your system to windows XP. You have just two option use Windows Xp or get a new sound card.

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