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Thread: Winrar files missing

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    Winrar files missing

    Yesterday I did something stupid.
    I thought I had extracted files from WinRAR, but I really just opened them.
    I worked on the files and saved them often and closed them.
    Today, I went to work on them again and they are nowhere to be found.
    I realized what I had done. I looked it up, and tried to find the Temp files.
    I have no idea which ones they are.
    I searched based on the date modified, but I can't open a single one.
    I have tried everything, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.
    I would love to recover these files, as I had made many changes, and they are for work.
    I feel like they are lost forever, but if anyone has any idea how I can recover these files, it would be amazing!
    Thank you so much,

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    Re: Winrar files missing

    Can you check in this folder path whether the files are viewable or not - C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent. If you cant find the file over there then you will end up repeating the work you just did. One last option, if this is a word document, you might be able to launch word, and then go to open or look at the recently accessed documents list and check if that works.

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    Re: Winrar files missing

    Unfortunately, no...they aren't there. It was an excel document and I went to open it from "recent documents" and the list was blank.
    I searched everywhere, temp files, backup files, etc. etc.
    It's ok though, I calmed down and repeated the work. I'll know better for next time. Thanks for the reply.

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