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Thread: Command prompt won’t work properly in windows 7 to enable admin account

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    Command prompt won’t work properly in windows 7 to enable admin account

    I am having a Windows 7 Operating System and I have recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 so need some helps on certain things. The Windows 7 system is almost same to windows Vista but yes there are some added advantages associated with it. But the main problem I am facing right now is that I am unable to access Command Prompt as an Admin so is there anyone who can help. I tried following some methods like after opening the Command Prompt I typed “net user administrator/ active:yes” but it didn’t worked. I am even unable to open ipconfig or I am not even able to access getmac command to get the mac address. Something is wrong with my Operating system or is it so that I am doing it wrong. Hope so will get some help.

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    Re: Command prompt won’t work properly in windows 7 to enable admin account

    Initially even I was not able to access the .exe files so I searched for the solution on the Google and after lots and lots of research I finally got a solution for this. Just follow this and even you would be able to access the .exe files on your system. Click on the “Start” button and in the run or in the search box type “sysdm.cpl” or else you can even click on the “System” Icon from the Control Panel. This will open a Window, from the Window select the “Advanced” Tab and then click on “Environment Variables”. At the bottom in the System variables panel choose “path” and then click the “Edit” button. Here you have to edit the variable value. It is a long string separated by semicolons. Now check whether the executable file (.exe) is present or not in the string. Commands like ipconfig, getmac etc are in the system32 folder. If it is not present just add the path “C:/windows/system32” without the quotes or add EXE to the list of strings. In chance if it don’t works make sure that ipconfig.exe and getmac.exe files are present in the System32 folder. Hope this helps you access the mac address.

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    Re: Command prompt won’t work properly in windows 7 to enable admin account

    Some of the original equipment manufacturers put a password on the Administrator account and that is the reason sometimes we are not able to access the administrator account or we are unable to take the control over the command prompt just follow this procedure and you will be able to access the Administrator account. It is possible only if you are the alone user of the Computer. Boot to the “Windows Recovery Environment” you will have a list of options Click on the Command prompt option. Now type in the following commands and press enter after each command.
    • C:
    • CD Windows\system32
    • ren cmd.exe cmd.old
    • ren magnify.exe cmd.exe
    • ren cmd.old magnify.exe

    Restart your computer. Click on the Easy access center which you will find at the left side bottom of the startup screen and choose the “Magnifier” option. Again a command prompt opens up. Now there you have to type “net user administrator / active:yes” and press enter after that. Restart the computer and logon as an administrator and then using User Account page in the control panel removes passwords for the other accounts. Type “Magnify.exe” in the Start menu search box and press Enter to open it. A command prompt will open now here type “net user administrator / active:no” and press Enter. Restart the computer now the Administrator account has been disabled.
    Now Boot to “Window Recovery Environment” again and click on the Command prompt option. Type the following commands and Press enter after each one.
    • C:
    • CD Windows\system32
    • ren magnify.exe cmd.old
    • ren cmd.exe magnify.exe
    • ren cmd.old cmd.exe
    • exit

    Now when you restart your computer system logs you on as an administrator without asking you the Password.

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    Re: Command prompt won’t work properly in windows 7 to enable admin account

    There are many ways to open an Elevated Command Prompt. You can follow any one of them and have access to the Elevated Command Prompt. The ways to open it are as follows:
    • Open Start Menu. Click on “All Programs” and go to “Accessories”, then right Click on the “Command prompt” and Click on “Run as administrator” and that’s it the Elevated Command Prompt will be opened”

    • Open the Start Menu. Type cmd and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER in the search box and you will access the Command prompt.

    • Open Start Menu. Type cmd in the search box and right click on cmd.exe and click on “Run as Administrator”

    If you are in the Administrator account and if you get a prompt to enter user name and password then click on “Cancel” button and repeat the above step again. It will only happen for the first time as you are trying to open the Elevated Command Prompt for the first Time.

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