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Thread: Which is the best Android App killer?

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    Which is the best Android App killer?

    Hello friends, I have recently purchased an android device and have installed plenty of application from the Google market. I wanted to delete some of those, as I am not at use to android operating system. Can you people tell me that which is the best android application killer for tablet, if it is not available for tablet then do tell me about phone, but wanted to know about it. When I am using the tablet then it is making the device every slow, as all of them are running in background, so wanted to stop them by which my device will be working faster. Please do suggest me that what I should do. Thank you.

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    Re: Which is the best Android App killer?

    I would suggest that you better go for the Advanced Task Manager application which is having combination of task manager, application manager, and uninstaller which you will be finding it one sleek interface. Even it is having the home screen widget to kill all those applications which are running in the background and all of this is done in one press only. What I really like about this application is the uninstaller feature such that it is allowing to batch uninstall and also providing you will the direct access to all the application without going through different path or menus. You are getting this application just for cheap cost. It is having those entire things which I wanted to have it, such that it is having sleek interface, home screen widget and also an uninstaller. Even I have used other task managers and also some of uninstaller programs and this is program is one of the best one till now. If you are combining all these function then you will be getting a real winner application for you.

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    Re: Which is the best Android App killer?

    I would also suggest you to use the Advanced Task Killer for your phone. You just need to do one click to kill all the applications which are running in the background. If you try the paid version it will be better for you, such that it is faster than free version. I would like to tell some of its feature, it is having the option to select or unselect the application, even need to press for longer time to activate pop-up menu, after that you can go to menu, then to the settings, then to Notification bar icon. Advanced Task Killer Android Application which will be allowing you to stop all the background processes or applications in memory, whereas the android operating system is able to run multiple applications in the memory that is own Gift and Curse. Why I am saying it to be curse because some of the processes and application are responsible for slowing down the Android phone performance, such that it brings down to very low speed. It is not easy to close all the applications which are being running in the background, for that you need to go to setting then to application then after that you need to Manage applications, over there need to wait till it load all the application which are running in the background. Once it has load then select any one application which you wanted to close, just select that application and select force stop option. You can download the Advanced Task Killer from the market and start using it, it is name as advance but it is doing all the job of TasKiller does. It will best for you.

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