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Thread: I am not able to uninstall Office 2010 beta

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    I am not able to uninstall Office 2010 beta

    Hi! I was very comfortably using my good old Microsoft Office 2007 and it was just doing fine when one of my friend (I doubt if I should call her one) recommended the use of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta which according to her was very good to be a beta and I should try using it since it has lots of new features which is worth trying and will very soon replace all previous version so the one who is all ready hands on with it will hold a upper level of credibility and blah blah she went on blabbering praises about the new version. I bought her words and started using the Beta version of Office 2010 which I found pathetic as it had maximum number of my favorite features missing and all the new features that were embedded was hardly of any practical use. So, I decided to uninstall it and yes! As you guessed it right, I am not able to do that. It just starts throwing an error message which reads: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 uninstall did not complete successfully.

    I have cross-checked and verified the error file, the only reason it likes to state is that the product key is not able to uninstall the program. The same is the issue with the Visio 2010 beta also. I am getting a very similar error in that too. Right now, I only have the beta setup files that I have downloaded. Which makes it impossible for me to uninstall or reinstall? How am I supposed to get this crap uninstalled from my very system?

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    Re: I am not able to uninstall Office 2010 beta

    I don’t know if you have tried this, but just in case you haven’t I would like to ask you to please follow the below given steps which are as follows,
    - To start with, I want you to uninstall the Office 2010 Beta for which you need to go the Control Panel and select Programs and Features
    - When you see a list of programs out there, scroll down to find Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, right-click it and select Uninstall.
    - You will then come across a confirmation dialog box which ask your confirmation to go ahead with the installation, press yes to do so
    - You will then have to wait throughout the uninstallation process. The amount of time it takes will vary from system to system.
    - To mark an end of this process you will need to reboot the system, this will complete the uninstallation of Office 2010 Beta

    - The most common problem that you might face is because you might have started the installation of the 2010 RTM.
    - You will possibly get a setup error because there is always a leftover Office apps or maybe a standalone MS Office product.
    - What we need here is a clean up utility which will successfully clean all these things very successful for us.
    - Go to Google or some other search engine and search for free cleanup utility maybe a CCleaner should be doing your work.
    - Now, install it with its default settings on your system this is a very basic and specific installation process, not worth an explanation
    - After it’s installed you’ll find it in Start \ All Programs \ Windows Install Clean Up …go ahead and launch the utility.
    After this you need to go through and remove all Office Programs or addins that you will be find in the list. Check and confirm you are deleting Office apps only and not something else. In case you’re unsure what something is. For instance we had the Office labs Ribbon Hero installed. Just highlight and click Remove. Remove anything and everything that has something to do with Office then reboot your machine.

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    Re: I am not able to uninstall Office 2010 beta

    I doubt if this works. I have tried this way back except for the part of clean up utility that you mentioned. Because, the process did not let me reach that stage. The process of uninstallation had stopped midway only. Look, I initially tried the first and the basic method of using the program ‘Uninstall Office 2010’ which was the default uninstaller for the system. Now, after that I also tried the above mentioned solution. The way of taking the control panel route, that did not help either as it again gave me the very same result that I have always been getting

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    Re: I am not able to uninstall Office 2010 beta

    I read it a few minutes back and I already knew that it won’t work, I was waiting for Rajni’s feedback so that I could help you with another solution which goes as below:
    • First of all you should be downloading an Office 2010 Removal Tool, which is ‘Uninstall Office 2007’ which can uninstall office 2010 as well
    • Run the Remove Office 2007 which you will be finding in the program files of your system and to go ahead, click on the ‘Go’ button out there
    • Wait for a few seconds and note to save all open files and applications and close them as the tool will automatically restart the system
    • As soon as your pc will restart, remove office 2007 will come up with a dialog box asking you click on ‘Done’ to complete the process.
    • Now, as mentioned in the last post, there is a possibility of left over office elements which needs to be rectified for that use CCleaner
    • Google for that and download it and then install it to run the program to get desired results.
    • You will see a list of items to your left, from which you simply need to ‘Registry’ out there. Which will help you go ahead
    • Now, inside the ‘Registry Integrity ’ list, you need to select the desired type or you can select all and then run the scan for issues button available
    • You will have to wait till this entire process is correctly finished and that will lead to another dialog box.
    • In this dialog box, you will see the list of issue, select all those which are pertaining to the Office 2010 and then select ‘Fix selected issues’.
    • Then, you need to confirm the process to be done, in the dialog box which follows the above given process.
    • Choose the location that is available for the backup changes in the system, and then click on the button ‘Save’ to go ahead
    • After which you will have click on the button which reads ‘Fix All Selected Issues’ in order to fix your issue.

    Now, follow the above given steps and they should be enough to solve your issue, please note that in the above motioned steps have included some utilities, you are free to use any other or better ones if available but the ones I listed proved to be the best for me!

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