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Thread: Grouping applications in App-V management server

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    Grouping applications in App-V management server

    I am using App-V management server and I tend to manage my applications in my clients machines. So what exactly I want to do is to group applications in App-V . I have some doubt concerning app-v publishing through management server. Is it likely to deploy applications for each system by making use of management server? In addition to this, is it probable to publish applications to a group with systems as its members? Majority of the applications are licensed for each system, what if a user has numerous systems when deployed for each user. I made some earlier search but it was stated that App-V management server is able to publish applications per computer and that too only per user is permissible. is that right.

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    Re: Grouping applications in App-V management server

    Yes, it is the management server does not support per-computer deployments and regarding this topic, digging further I found that SCCM can do well with App-V in the case of integration. So to give some brief introduction regarding the same , If you’re starting out with App-V by making use of an integrated answer with SCCM R2, it will be immense adding for you guys. But I would highly propose getting SP2 installed for SCCM to take benefit of the earlier evaluation times. There are benefits with SCCM that App-V native doesn't give you. Spend some time in the App-V with ConfigMgr whitepaper to study the differences
    Other benefits with SCCM that don't get declared is the aptitude to pre-populate client caches previous to a user comes in the morning or else takes a laptop offline. or else still the reality to bind in the use of a task sequence to uninstall a local app earlier than it's restored with a virtual one. In addition, App-V native doesn't address this. Moreover with a task sequence in SCCM, there are multifaceted virtual apps that might need locally installed pre-reqs previous to the launch. Things such as DCM can monitor plus enforce the GPO preference that might not get applied to the App-V client settings otherwise even to build custom mof's / CI's to report on each feature of App-V throughout the WMI provider classes/reg keys. along with in view of SCCM vNext's drive for user centric environments and Med-V integration will let know you bigger plans are approaching with the integration.

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    Re: Grouping applications in App-V management server

    I was also with the same situation, and for licensing functions I have two applications which should simply streamed to one device? The reason why I need to stream a application to one device, is because it isn't probable to install this application silently so I wish for streaming it but only to single precise device. It was later discovered that perhaps a pre-launch VB script could decide if it's launching on the approved device, and if that is not the case, you need to abort the launch. Further, I am making use of Management Console , I also tried with adding the Computer into its own Application AD Group and then tried with deploying that way but was not helpful. Then made further attempts with deploying to user groups but was not with positive result. In addition, with native solution you are not capable of restricting where the application streams to because the publishing as well as streaming solution aims for users. So it is surely true that If you are making use of the native Management Server to deploy applications, then applications will simply target users. Other deployment alternatives such as SCCM will permit you to target virtual applications to devices.on the other hand, you might be able to appear at AppLocker, built into Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 otherwise a third party application like AppSense Application Manager.

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    Re: Grouping applications in App-V management server

    I also had similar issues as I was with some doubts whether there is some means in which an application can be distributed by device? Microsoft Office needs that we have Software Assurance in order to share out desktop applications. So there is an requirement of physically installing these applications, if not we can point them to devices. I in fact don't wish for performing an physical install but Microsoft tends to force for the same. as a result only means to be safe in this regard is to not to have SFT streamed into machine initially. But according to users statistics, it is not probable with App-V's Management Server infrastructure.

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