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Thread: How to copy DPM storage pool data to other drive?

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    How to copy DPM storage pool data to other drive?

    right now I am using DPM2010 with 1 storage pool.. now I am looking to have backup of all data stored on storage pool to hard drive at regular so that I can use the same at the time of disaster recovery. So tell me who can I copy data stored on Storage pool? Let me know if you are having any idea to meet my requirement. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How to copy DPM storage pool data to other drive?

    In order to back up database by making use of backups software which are not having support for DPM or VSS.
    • You have to execute
    • Code:
      DPMBackup.exe –db
    • You will be able to run DPMBackup tool manually as well. even you can configure the same with backup pogarm so that it would run automatically whenever needed.
    • Now you have to browse to \Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Volumes\ShadowCopy\Database Backups on console trees. DPMDB.bak should be file name of backup. ReportServer.bak. should be name of Report database backup.
    • After that you have to launch media where you wanted to backup database and begin with tbakcup process.

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    Re: How to copy DPM storage pool data to other drive?

    I found below mentioned steps on a forum and I am posting below.

    You should execute dmpbackup -dbbackup , dmbackup –replicas

    After that you have to copy all the file from C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Volumes\ShadowCopy to any desired location.

    Now you have to disable primary server network.

    you have to go for Secondary DPM2010 Server and perform below.

    hostname and IP should be given to Primary DPM Server.
    Once you have done the same you should connect server with domain and begin with installation of DPM.

    Run dpmsync –restoredb so that you can restore DPM2010 DB.
    Go for Protection group> ProtectionGroup> look for replica path and click on Copy after right clicking on the same.

    Use moutvol in order to mount volume and copy all the data which you have copied from primary dpm2010. Once you have completed with it you have to run consistency check.

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    Re: How to copy DPM storage pool data to other drive?

    In case backup software which you are using not having support for VSS or DPM then you need to make use of DPMBackup. Basically its an command-line tool. It will help you to make copies of replicas so that you can create backup shadow. Also you can use the same to create backup of DPM database. After that you should use backup software in order to archive backup shadow copies as well as database backups on the tape. DPMBackup can be used for preparing files. It performs below mentioned tasks.
    Create as well as mount backup shadow copies for every single replica volume on DPM server and database backups of DPM database.

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