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Thread: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

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    Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    well I have purchased Sharepoint 2010 for my computer recently. I have saved groove accout on a file on old computer and transferred that particular file to the new computer. while opening that account I have simply clicked on get workspaces so that I can get different workspaces and simply downloaded the same on my system. I have also got all workspaces but I was not able to get file for one workspace and file should be placed on new computer. already tried to fix the issue but I was not able to get anything which can be applied in my situation. any help to resolve the matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    Looking at the situation of yours I am assuming that you had Groove 2007 on any of the computer and you had upgraded the same to SharePoint Workspace. Later on wards you got SharePoint Workspace for second computer which you are having. If you are having previous version of Groove then also it supposed to work but there could be lots of complications.

    Which version of SharePoint Workspace and Groove? Does it Classic workspace or Shared Folder? In case it is Groove workspace then tell me whether files are missing in files tool?
    Does all the files are stubs? What kind of file it was? SharePoint Workspace is different kind of defaults blocked files.

    Let me know the answers of above mentioned questions so that I can let you know about the further steps to troubleshoot your problem.

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    Re: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    Well I am having Groove 2007 one of my computer. on second computer I installed Sharepoint Workspace. As far as answers of above mentioned questions are concerned they are as follow.

    Workspace was having problem with Groove 2007.
    Itís a Groove Standard Workspace.

    There are files missing in files tool and those files are an ordinary files.

    Now tell me what should I do to resolve above mentioned problem.

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    Re: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    After going through the problem of yours I am suggesting that you should try to add new files tools and see whether it is working or not.
    • You can do the same by simply clicking on Workspace tab and click on Add and go for Files. Now add a files to the new tool.
    • In case files getting copied to sharepoint workspace PC to the new file tool and above mentioned thing can be work around for you. you will be able to copy old files tool to the new files tool and after that delete the older version.
    • In order to copy one files tool to another one you have to perform below mentioned steps.
    • You should simply right click on new Files tool and select Open in New Window.
    • From the old files tool and go for Root folder. You should drag all the stuffs available into that particular file into the right side pane.
    • After that you have to drag selected files from the old files tool to right side pane on the new files tool.
    • For your information if there are lots of data for eg around 500MB then you should not copy all the things at the same time rather you should complete the entire process in multiple steps.

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    Re: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    If above mentioned solution does not work for you than I am suspecting that there is corruption of tool record has been happened. However I donít think so it would be typical manifestation. Normally record corruption implies that hard drive failure has been occurred. So it also implies that one of the item might be affected. Its fine till you will be able to copy all the files. However for a sake of try you can run scandisk on your system and see whether it helps you out. Also issue can be caused if there is no data syncs happening between both the computers.

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