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Thread: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

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    I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    so guys with the latest technology, I assume there should a software for my needs. I need a software that syncronize my external usb drive which will work at work as well as Home. I need to perform this in an different way and I except something like this behavior : I make use of an external HD when I am at home. With my notebook all the material which I have added or deleted or made some modifications with it are tracked by means of a nas or ftp server . so I need a software which will recognize the drive in addition to sync it with the info the notebook collected which will state me the current condition and changes made by me and this should be done when I connect to the other drive . and further when I make some changes in my home hard disk , the later result should be appeared on my ‘on’ work HD. So in this way I will be able to get a log in which results will would be present after making changes to both the hard drives. So I just heard about it that there is a possible solution where we are able to sync and perform the same way which I desired, and hope you guys give me the key for same . so please suggest some software along with settings which are to be made when using the same. Thanks

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    The first reply , I need to say is that it would depend on your operating system, but something wrapped around or else along the lines of rsync can almost certainly get you close to where you desire to be. The procedure to invoke rsync when you mount your drive would be OS reliant, but I consider it can be done for nearly all current OSes. I made some later search regarding the software and it was fund that Unison is one of kind which is able to do the same which you desired. To add further, Unison is a file-synchronization means for your Windows operating system. It can be further implemented in linux also. It permits two replicas of a set of files along with directories to be stored on different hosts (or else different disks on the identical host), modified individually, as well as then brought up to date by propagating the modifications in every copy to the other. Unlike straightforward mirroring or else backup utilities, Unison is also able to deal with updates in together replicas of a distributed directory structure. updates that do not clash are circulated routinely. Conflicting updates are detected and exhibited.

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    As a student, I carry my USB stick with me all over. It’s got a useful set of .bat files that I make use of on a ordinary basis, numerous helpful portable applications, a pair of desktop backgrounds, along with most prominently – a folder enclosing my work for each of my university lessons. actually, though I only began making use of a USB device frequently about a year back, I would tell anybody that it’s one of the mainly crucial things I make use of on a every day basis.The matter is, I as well use my Windows PC frequently as well. I’m superior at programming on a desktop since I make fewer typing errors, So what does one do when they write up half their work on a laptop, as well as half on a desktop, yet can’t ever keep in mind to “sync” folders with the usb drive? So searching on net I found this one to be crucial . it was found that all my desired work is done by means of Allway Sync.
    it is able to sync with all of the following:
    • Windows folders (USB hard disk , CD/DVD, any device with a drive letter).
    • You can also use this with removable drives (USB, Extendable HD, media players, digital cameras).
    • Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service).
    • FTP server.
    • (Secure online data storage website).
    • MS Activesync folder (Folder on a portable device such as a PDA).
    • Network folder (shared folder on the network).
    You need to follow the steps
    So you need to set Up The Folders You Would Like To Synchronize :
    this tool isn’t essentially for copying files, its for synchronizing folders. The two folders you are synchronizing may tend to be dissimilar from one another (or else, you wouldn’t require to sync) but for your own benefit, they should be comparatively alike in structure. Move further ahead in addition to click the two drop down folder types that you desire to put in. In my case, I select “Removable drive” with “Windows folder” since I plan to synchronize my Windows folder with the one on my USB drive. For the Windows folder, move further and “browse” for the folder to sync. Then you will require to configure The USB Device>> Configure Settings: moving further in the View>Options> the name of your sync project . Move further to the automatic synchronization . you will be with some options as “when removable device is connected “ along with “when files are deleted” and “when computer is idle” . and then Synchronize. Click Synchronize, and allow the process come to an end. Now, check your two folders – are the contents the same?

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    You can make use of Desktop applications for this purpose, If you are not contented with your files being stored online, you are also able to install some software applications which will synchronize files locally otherwise on a private network. Shareware as well as freeware file syncing applications contain: GoodSync and this is robust among all the syncing options. Microsoft's SyncToy, as well as SyncBack. as well offering additional robust alternatives for file syncing . Keeping numerous versions of replaced files, these programs in addition typically permit you to sync with external drives, FTP sites, along with servers. You are able to set a plan for syncing, compressing otherwise encrypting files. Regarding GoodSync applications it is backup as well as file sync software that works with Windows, Mac, along with external drives. Unlike web apps, GoodSync synchronizes openly among computers, removable storage devices, along with Windows Mobile devices without storing the data online. though it can furthermore synchronize to FTP/SFTP sites, WebDAV folders, as well as cloud storage servers such as Amazon S3. There is together a partial free version along with a feature-rich pro edition where you are able to manipulate all types of syncing settings.

    Microsoft's SyncToy also performs well like GoodSync, which is an software application that synchronizes files and folders among locations including diverse computers as well as external drives. contrasting GoodSync, SyncToy is entirely free -- but it simply works on Windows systems. So linux version users are not able to make use of the same.

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    The previous post is correct . as I have made tries with this software’s but according to me, the most convenient I can find is SyncBack is one more syncing application that you install on computers you want to backup along with synchronize. It comes in freeware and professional (SyncBackPro) editions. All versions permit you to sync selected files and folders. They in addition allow you to backup to FTP compress files , set other essential alternatives. SyncBackSE presents additional characteristics than the freeware version and SyncBackPro presents even more backup as well as syncing alternatives . In short, it's a powerful software application with many backup and syncing features. I will also suggest you to some other which are able to perform for you. So you can have a glance over this one . so according to me, I think you should also use Dropbox . you can also make use of SugarSync . The Dropbox application installs a "My Dropbox" folder on your windows as well as mac operating system where you place files you wish for syncing; repeat the quick installation on each of your computers and all file changes in that folder are routinely synced with every device. You are also able to access your files on a mobile phone by means of a dedicated app .

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    My data storage is more than 5 gb and hence was not able to find any software which would support my system configurations. So like Dropbox, SugarSync presents syncing in addition to backup by means of a folder on your system. Unlike Dropbox, though, SugarSync presents 5GB of free storage and permits you to choose extra folders to sync between devices, besides the "Magic Briefcase" folder that SugarSync offers. It lets you to download and upload files through a web browser. It as well has more folder permissions settings, tenders Windows Mobile and BlackBerry apps, and is capable of streaming music. So this makes me the best software for my needs as well as my extra entertainment. But the disadvantage of this software is it does not support Linux.

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    Re: I need a software to Sync with two different usb drive.

    Carrying content in usb drive is old style, check out Zukmo which helps us manage all our information at one place and access them anywhere, anytime and any device. In addition, multiple versions of files can also be managed and restored anytime. Zukmo allows to manage not just files, but also bookmarks, media, notes, google apps, docs and lots more.


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