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Thread: How to Install Winamp Library

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    How to Install Winamp Library

    Winamp Library allows you to manage your songs properly. This is something more than a playlist. Here you can save a number of playlist based on your requirement. Other than this you can import the same to other devices also. The customizable media gallery offer you to rip and burn your songs on music disc also. Winamp Library offers a variety of options which are worth to see. You can easily sort a song via Artist or Track. The best part of using Winamp Library is the the number of columns you can find to sort songs. Today a number of media players has adopted similar settings. Rightnow you can rip aac, mp3, wav, flac files directly in library with all tags on the audio file. You can easily burn those as per your song sorting options. Here Winamp offer you a option to create a set of rule where you can sort by Smart Views. This is a kind of rating option. Other than this if your album miss a cover car you can download it from the internet. This are all offline features of Winamp library. There number of online features also. Like you can simply create a set of your favorite TV and Radio channels and run with one click. You can also access to SHOUTCast Radio station and around 250 Internet TV channels. This is not really found in other players. A bookmarking feature obviously provided.

    Install Winamp Library

    Winamp site provides you a number of plugins that you can download and install. This will help you to get more features on the players. The installation is very easy. The download file comes in .exe format. You have to run the same. The file extracts the content in Program Files/Winamp. That's also. If you file the library files you can also manually copy paste and then run Winamp to see the changes. There are two plugins which I found you can use for Library feature.

    Dynamic Library Plugin : This is like a File Explorer. It allows you to create playlist, fix the broken file path of audio files, etc. With this you can manage a large database of songs. The loading time is very fast where it does not matter what amount of songs are listed in the library. Other than this you can get a treeview of all folders. This tree view can help you to find the location of songs if the database is very large. A very tiny and easy to use Library much better than old version.

    The Ultimate Media Library Plugin 1.19 : This a bit enhanced version which offer you more option in file browsing. It can simply scan your drive, or any other disk and load the songs in play list. Also you can edit the playlist as per your need. This plugin let you to add name and time as per the songs listed. You can reduce a time limit of song playing for long time. File and folders can simply be copied inside this plugin via dragging and dropping.

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    Re: How to Install Winamp Library

    I think the existing library attached with Winamp is quiet enough. I had tried searching the official site for more library plugins but whatever I found were basic. I am looking for a option by which I can simply share a song from the library itself with my friends. There is no player yet on web that allows you sharing options or recommend a song kind of stuff. The most we can do is share a playlist on Windows Media player if we are on a single network.

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