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Old 18-04-2012
Join Date: Feb 2012
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Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

While doing some general management task, I found that the Windows Explorer (the file manager) is crashes and this happens all the times when I do this. After the crash, my computer get restarted. This is not random, it happens all the times when I try to delete any of the files. Can somebody over here guess that what is the reason for this problem? To make the task of file management simple, I normally open two Windows Explorer. I am running the Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) on my computer and all the updates are set to automatic, so I am sure that there is no problem with the update. I am using the MS Security Essentials and that is also up to date. If you are having any idea regarding this then please let me know about this. I am thinking to format my computer but before that I would like to try to get it solve with the suggestion over here. So I am posting over here. Also if you have suggestion for some other file manager then suggest me that also. Thank you so much in advance for the reply!!!
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Old 18-04-2012
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 351
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

My suggestion to you is to try with the Web File Manager FileVista which is a very good web file manager. With the help of this, it will be possible for you to setup a good file server so that you will be able to manage as well as share your file from the web. FileVista is using the web based file management technology which is made in the ASP. NET. It will help you to switch your standard browser to the "Windows Explorer" and along with this, it make it to manage files with your web server. I can say that, it is the complete substitute for the traditional FTP client and you must install this on your client computer. It also provides extended features which are impossible with FTP such as files in a flash loops and openings on the fly key. This also includes features of infrastructure to multiple users and each user can have different permissions and quota limits. It will also provide you the Admin page for controlling users / groups / root. You will be able to upload up to 2GB of files. This is tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. It can also note events which is known as audit trail. Here are the events that are noted for every user- browse, create, delete, rename, copy, Openness, Logout, Failure etc. You will get fast response with this and this is made possible because it communicates with the server through XML and because of that there is no reloading of the pages. They have also extended the limits of the web application through stunning user interface, like they have provided the easy navigation of folder through the tree view. There is simple and well ordered context menus used for the users. There are some requirement for this and I am listing those below:

Server Side:
  • Server Side - Windows 2000/2003/2008 or Windows XP / Vista running IIS (Internet Information Services) 5, 6 or 7
  • 1 packet Service NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft
Client Side
  • Functions with most modern browsers
  • It?s important to enable the Javascript and cookies within the web browser
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Old 18-04-2012
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 540
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

It is possible that there is some problem with the memory and for that reason you are facing this problem. You can try to run CHKDSK and see if this helps to solve the problem. CHKDSK is a command that checks a disk partition level and physically. This is an enhanced version of scandisk which has existed since Windows 2000 Pro. CHKDSK is a function that checks the integrity of system files from a hard drive or diskette. The CHKDSK command can be executed as a DOS console as the system using the Windows My Computer icon:
  1. Double-click My Computer to display the available drives on your PC.
  2. Right click on the drive you sohaitez study.
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click the tab Tools.
  5. Under Error-checking, click Check Now. You can select one of two options.
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Old 18-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 521
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

AjaXplorer is also not a bad choice to be considered. I am using the same and there is no problem with this. AjaXplorer is an Ajax file manager which is very interesting as that include some of our web applications, particularly those which cannot be offered from the FTP service. This is having a pretty powerful functionality and user-friendly interface. Is developed with PHP and does not require running database. Some of the most interesting features are as follows:
  • We can perform rename, copy, move, delete, download. With both folders and files.
  • Ability to edit text files (with syntax highlighting for JS, PHP, HTML, Java, SQL, and Perl).
  • Images can be previewed and a slideshow.
  • MP3 files can be played without downloading them.
  • Flash videos can also be viewed without downloading.
  • ZIP files can be browsed and extracted from within the file manager.
  • System favorites to reach the files you want from an easier way.
  • With multi language support.
  • Recursive search.
  • Multi-user environment. The administrator can create new users and to assign rights to directories and users.
  • Drag and Drop, keyboard shortcuts and it has ability to select multiple files / folders.
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Old 18-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 410
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

There is also a very good alternative for this ?Net2ftp?. Net2ftp is a manager of web-based FTP that accepts connections to any server, whether anonymous or password. You can use it from the official website or, if you do not trust, you can do the installation of this on your server if you have PHP and MySQL. With this application you will be able to upload files to your server and rename, delete, move, download them, change permissions, edit and save. It also allows us to change within a file. Another very useful option is that you can download a compressed file from the files you select. In short, this is a simple and easy to use application that does its job. A good option if you're on a computer where you cannot install a FTP.

  • Folder structure clear and concise
  • Batch file upload
  • No registration required for use
  • Page load very slow
  • File upload scripts inefficient
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Old 20-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 217
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

If you're making a control panel that requires control files is possible that works for you have a file manager that comes already made and to allow us to implement it very easily with little effort on our part and assured that it works correctly. KCFinder is one of many that are available, but I liked it because it looks quite correct and is multilingual, plus we can customize to your liking with CSS easily. And best of all, this is having an integrated clipboard function that allows us to work much faster. I must say that this script can be integrated very easily on the most famous and used as a web editor. It also supports the management of the clipboard for easy copy and paste to move or copy files from different directories and allows the upload of an image with a control to set a maximum size beyond which the script auto resize the image being loaded on the server.
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Old 21-04-2012
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 551
Re: Deleting files leads to crash Window Explorer (file manager)

You can use the KFinder AJAX file manager for web browsers. The ajax based file manager for your Blog or Website are indispensable and spend many times overshadowed by the various councils (more or less passionate) to try to get more hits indeed, should be the things you go talking more because even before reaching the hits (or even better unique visitors) are right to acquire a good organization. An ajax based file manager but not a file manager - directory installed on our server that we access through a login and password and need to download - quickly change the files (the most famous implement editing of text and image files) , change permissions, or zipping one or more directories. The ajax web based file manager are also the most advanced multi-user, are essential if our site is administered by most authors who write well also part of the video or photos. Php Navigator allows you to switch between viewing in HTML or Ajax, we can upload files via the form to upload, edit text files, recognize the images from the thumbnails on the left menu or zipping a directory and proceed to download. Php File Navigator is finally single, multi-user, if one person does not need to use mysql and if we use it in more people create a user and assign a Database. Php File Manager is version "less nice" Php Navigator wins if the comparison is based on the number of features. Php File Manager is composed of a single file, through which we can copy, move, create, rename, view, edit files (including editing) or change permissions. Through PHP File Manager can also compress directories in tar / zip / bzip / gzip, or to edit files
  • Intuitive user interface
  • High quality thumbnails
  • Fast and secure
  • Compatible with all major browsers and OSs
  • Easy integration
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