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Thread: How to use Picasa to backup photos?

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    How to use Picasa to backup photos?

    Hello friends, I am new with the Picasa and want to know about that. I like all the features that they have given and I would like to know that how can I use the Picasa so that I can backup the photos in it. I really know nothing about that. If you are having any idea regarding this then please post that over here. I searched for the same on web but cannot detailed information on it and so started a new thread over here. Thank you so much in advance for reading and replying for this.

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    Re: How to use Picasa to backup photos?

    Yes, it is possible for you to make the Picasa Web Albums to store the backups for the photos that you have stored in it. But if you want to do this then it is necessary that your files must meet the conditions below and if it is not fulfilling the condition givn below then you will not be able to make the backup for that.
    • The original file format JPG.
    • The image does not contain unsaved changes.
    • The image was uploaded in original size.

    If the file does not meet these conditions, Picasa creates a new copy of the image saved in JPG format and upload to the online service. And in that it is not possible to upload the original file:
    • The original file format is JPG (TIF, PSD, any RAW format, etc..).
    • You have made changes using the functions I'm feeling lucky, Red Eye, Crop, and so on.
    • The image has not been uploaded in their original size, but in a different resolution.

    The drawback to the JPG format is that each time an image is saved in this format, part of the image information is lost inevitably. This is no problem to share photos online or to print at normal size. If you want to preserve the original state of files that do not meet the above conditions for storage in Picasa Web Albums as a backup, use Picasa to store them in an alternate drive or a CD or DVD.

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    Re: How to use Picasa to backup photos?

    The backup nof the images can be done in three easy steps and here are those steps:

    STEP 1:The backup feature to make copies is under the Tools menu. Click the option Backup Pictures. On the left you will see the list of directories to which it is possible to save the backup copy. Bottom of the window you can clearly see two steps. If there are some of the photos in the picasa library that you donít want to include in the backup then you can go for these steps otherwise you simply leave those steps. If you want only certain folders, then click a box in the New Set button. The program then creates a new backup set.

    The next window allows you to set a new name and determine what type of backup it goes. Write to CD or DVD, or copy the backup to another hard disk (or perhaps a network drive). Then click Create. You can also make the backup on some other computer on the network.

    Step 2: This is for full or incremental backup. In step two, click the Select All button. The left column shows the folders that your previous selection is preceded by a checkmark. Check this list and remove the ticks away for the folders that you do not want to backup. On the blue bar above the fire button, we can read many folders and many files which are written. Moreover, in the same place many CDs and DVDs you need. Only the enabled folders are added to the backup. Picasa keeps track of the pictures themselves whether or not you have a backup stored. The next time the program will skip those files that already have a backup exists. This intelligently called an incremental backup. Insert the blank CD or DVD in the burner, wait 20 seconds to read the disk in Windows and click the Burn button. Picasa displays you the confirmation message to you when the backup is complete. If you have lot of photos in it the then it is recommended to start by having 10 CDís otherwise 2 DVDís with you.

    Step 3: If you make a backup on an external hard drive, you can add unlimited files and remove. It is not possible to add photos to a backup CD created with Picasa. In the case of a CD-R, the program at the end of writing the session close and that disc cannot be added later, I mean that you cannot add more photos to that later on. It is recommended to use CD-RW discs. If you want to add new data to a CD-RW drive where all backup data are then Picasa will completely erase the disk first and then the write new data to the disk.

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