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Thread: EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

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    EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

    I have been issuing problems with the EasyTune6 and so far I have. I am using the EasyTune6 to monitor temperature and fan speed. While comparing it with other programs I have noticed that it is incapable to show proper results. It seems like EasyTune6 suffers from lots of bugs. The most annoying is in the alarm tab. Few bugs I have noticed in the following areas
    • Fan speed sliders
    • The CPU and system temperature monitors seem and fan RPM monitors.
    • Unsigned MSI installer.
    • False Alarms on overclocked system under stress
    • Deal with UAC on every boot
    • What version of ET6
    • CPU temperature slider bug
    • Frequent false alarms

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    Re: EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

    I have already heard about all of these issues and I donít know what it is related to. However there is no reply from the Gigabyte side yet. Whenever I ask for help they keep asking me that whether I have installed the latest version of Gigabyte BIOS or not as ET6 needs the latest. However for overclockers, the point should be noted that they should overclock the system using the BIOS only. The Easytune6 is only used to monitor things like voltages applies, fan speed and temps. It is sometime also used for doing do short testing of various settings before actually applying for the computer.

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    Re: EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

    What kind of motherboard you are using right now?

    Does your motherboard support overclocking settings and features inside the BIOS?

    If you are really looking forward to overclock your system, I would suggest doing it manually using BIOS only. If you use auto/OEM overclocking software, I donít think that you will get full control over the voltages and frequencies

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    Re: EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

    Before time I was using the AMD Overdrive on my system but due to some reasons it was freezing no matter what settings I apply. For that reason I switched to EasyTune6. Now this working very well in my case and even the best part was that with a specific CPU multiplier setting. Even increasing FSB and/or the CPU-NB ratio and enabling the Cool 'n Quiet remained everything well and working. I didnít go for overclocking yet. I will try soon and letís see what will happen.

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    Re: EasyTune6 contain lots of bugs

    I don’t think that you are having problem with the EasyTune6 because the new version has came with several bug fixes. So I don’t say that EasyTune6 is faulty. The problem might be in the BIOS which is causing EasyTune6 work very strange. Make sure that there are no 'official' and 'beta' bios. F6 and F5E are known for some unpleasant bugs and also the F6E. I don’t know about others. For now, you can try speedfan in order to monitor Fan and temps.

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