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Thread: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

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    Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

    Just now I came to know about the new WebCam Center .7.02 application update. I know that this was released few weeks back. But I saw it just now. It is really a latest and an improved version. You can either find it on camera installation CD if you have bought it recently. This provides full installation of WebCam Center. You can also download it from the Creative worldwide support center.

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

    I came to know about this update about 2 months back and it included several features.
    • Video broadcast through Yahoo! Messenger
    • Motion detection notification
    • Basic SMTP authentication in Motion Detection mode in favor of sending email.
    • removed the FTP upload option
    • Mini Video mode.
    • Automatic photo playback using Photo Viewer
    • Save recordings to WMV format
    • Improved thumbnail display

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

    Looking through the Creative newsgroups, I noticed that many users have difficulty operating their Creative webcam with IM software like Yahoo! Messenger and despite the use of the Super Webcam integrated with Yahoo Messenger. Fortunately, a new version of Creative WebCam Center has just been released and finally brings the Yahoo! Messenger compatible with Creative webcams to conduct video conferences. The problem was not directly of drivers themselves who have also not been updated. Note also that with this new version 1.71.02 WebCam Center software, notification when motion detection is also supported in Yahoo! Messenger.

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

    WebCam Center is updated to latest version and now can record video with Windows Media Video (WMV). It also allows to authenticate with a username and a password to the SMTP server used for sending emails when it detects movement. However, the function that allowed sending to an FTP server images at regular intervals is oddly more usable with motion detection. As other improvements, Creative announced the addition of Mini Video Mode which allows you to view the webcam image by taking a minimum of desk space. Autoplay pictures of the Photo Viewer are also supported and finally, the display of thumbnails preview has been improved in the "My Album".

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