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Thread: Table of Contents in Word 2010

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    Table of Contents in Word 2010

    My Table of Contents has gone "nuts." Any Attempt to update loses the Table! All this is left is this line: "No table of contents entries found." The headers for each entry are "Heading 2 Char" but that doesn't appear as a style choice in the Table of Contents. I.e., I can no longer apply it. Kinda hard to change every header now.

    Worked for years but suddenly failed one day.

    Has anyone experienced this?

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    Re: Table of Contents in Word 2010

    I do not know much about your issue, but there is something I found on web while trying figuring out a solution of this problem. I found a similar file last week from my friend who mentioned the same thing. Based on Tablet of Content error I tried to look some in Office help and found this link. It has a short description and some troubleshooting options for the issue.

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