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Thread: Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

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    Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

    I have been expecting a Technician console to be used on Mac OS. Do you think that Logmein Rescue will allow or release the same in future? I think that this kind of support is enabled on Windows. I tried a work around sing hack but it didnít work well.

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    Re: Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

    I donít have any idea about why apple not added this support yet. However if you are looking for a urgent solution, then I will boot up a virtual machine otherwise make use of Bootcamp just to use LMIR. For this you can use a product like TeamViewer which works great on any system.

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    Re: Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

    I am currently using the LogMeIn Rescue 6.2. As far as I know that it is a professional solution for system administrators, service providers and mobile operators that provide the ability to troubleshoot problems remotely. Among the advanced features worth mentioning the possibility of launching the Rescue Applet as a system service or daemon Windows Mac OS X to get administrator rights on a remote computer, support for multi-monitor environments, resolution of problems BIOS level and multisession support.

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    Re: Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

    We are running a support team here and all of them are using the Mac computers. Since there was no support for OS X, we get around by installing a VM of Windows 7 and loading LMIR from that. This was consuming much resource from Mac. We didnít have an option to use the iPad. This is because sometimes the tech person needs to change his task research or procedure review and ipad is too small to support it. It would be better if they are releasing an OS X native LMIR console

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    Re: Logmein Rescue Technician Console support on Mac OS

    LogMeIn Rescue 6.2 can provide assistance in real time using screen sharing, monitoring the consequences of the changes and send instructions step by step to the end user via chat, among many other possibilities that make it extremely technical maintenance work. As far as I know that this tool is capable to work in all Intel based computer no matter what support OS you are using.

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