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Thread: Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

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    Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

    I always performed the removal click and pop using the digitized vinyl manually with Audacity. I personally feel that it was the best way and also the best repair tool provided to the user in 1.3.x beta version until I heard the name of ClickRepair software.

    Method which I used was very much convincing but also alongside it was bit lengthy and time consuming. But recently my uncle suggested me with the ClickRepair software for the same purpose; he actually complimented this software a lot. He told me that this software would undoubtedly deliver the user with best result. I believe that here I would at least get some idea about this software regarding all its features and working. Expecting a huge amount of information from you.

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    Re: Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

    I guess before knowing about the working and the features of this software as you mentioned, its better you first know about the initial things. First of all let me tell you that this software is unlike audacity not for free of cost. It actually cost for some $40. But I guess this software is also available for free on web for a 21 days evaluation period so hence forth you will have to get the license for it first.
    It’s very much easy to use as you already know and also it has a relatively straightforward GUI. Also the default settings OOTB performs very well and the last thing is that this software comes up with a nice understanding simple manual.

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    Re: Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

    One of the greatest strength of ClickRepair is its monitoring ability. You know you can easily set the monitor to:
    • Auditory output “off”- no audio gives the fastest processing time
    • Noise only- this is the part of the signal is removed by the software
    • Output signal
    • Input signal- the raw input
    Amongst these options you can select easily using a radio button and also you can switch between the modes while the software is working on your audio.

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    Re: Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

    I already used the trail version, and I must say that this software has truly impressed me a lot and now I am going to take an initiative for buying the complete version of ClickRepair. The downloading is very much necessary for me right now otherwise I would be losing all the settings made by it.
    Once after I did some testing with the software, I have set at non-default settings:
    • DeClick 30- Default is 50
    • DeCrackle Off- same as default
    • PitchProtection On- default is off
    • Wavelet mode- same as default
    • SoundOutput set Off to speed processing
    • Automatic All no manual intervention - fastest processing

    Having these settings on my system this software easily detects and then fixes almost all the major click and pop events on the recording.

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    Re: Click and Pop removal using ClickRepair software with Audacity

    Recently did some research and experiments with the ClickRepair on few of the old tracks especially with those ones that truly have a very hard life on the jukebox. Trust me the results were truly amazing and unbelievable and also let me tell you that I would have never been able to have a patience to just attempt a 3 min single by manual repair with those many pops.

    Goldwave yet another option for those using windows, but let me tell you all that if you compare the Goldwave noise removal with the Audacity noise removal you would probably find that the audacity noise removal is far superior than the Goldwave. Yet Audacity Click Removal isn’t that good enough for those typical low levels statics that you somehow get on the records.

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