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Thread: What does actionlist not found message means on Firefox

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    What does actionlist not found message means on Firefox

    I was trying to install latest version of Adobe Flash on my pc according to the popup that I was getting to update flash in my computer. After getting to some installation point I am getting a message that says Actionlist not found. I have already done all the troubleshooting of uninstalling the old version and reinstalling it again but nothing seems to be working in my case. Is there anyone who can help me out with this problem. Thanks

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    Re: What does actionlist not found message means on Firefox

    I was getting this error on my Internet Explorer browser, so I downloaded the latest version of Firefox browser and installed it in my computer. After that I uninstalled the old version of the flash player and then reinstalled the latest flash player version from the adobe website through Firefox browser and it installed fine without any errors. So try this method out and check if it works.

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    Re: What does actionlist not found message means on Firefox

    Flash player is of 2 versions and one is for IE (ActiveX) and other called Plugin that is used by different browsers like Firefox. You can eventually try to install the Flash setup file from this link - and save it in your computer. After that exit firefox and then open Task Manager and go to Processes tab and make sure that firefox.exe is closed. After that run the flash setup file from your computer.

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    I was also getting the same problem on my pc when I was trying to install the most recent version of flash player. But later on when I downloaded the flash player files from the below link and after installing it in my computer, the flash player error got resolved in the firefox browser:

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