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Thread: Drivers for intel r model awrdacpi video and sound

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    Drivers for intel r model awrdacpi video and sound

    I have a Windows XP SP2 system. It is a custom pc. I had formatted my pc and installed Windows XP back again. After fresh installation there is a new problem. I am not able to get drivers for awrdacpi video and audio. The resolution does not change, nor there is any audio driver available. I want some help to find the right drivers. I cannot use the system just like this. I hope there will be some solution available which can help in fixing the issue.

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    You can only find the drivers if you can give the right model number of your motherboard. You can find that by opening up the cpu case. If you are unable to locate the model then there is one more thing you can do. You can simply download and install CPUZ in your system. This will give you the exact motherboard model. Paste the entire configuration here. And on that basis you can get the right drivers.

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    It is not easy to find the drivers without right model. There is one more thing you can do. You can try using a third party driver updater software. There are many available. Download any good one and install it in your system. You can then run a full driver scan to find out pending drivers. I am using DriverMax here. This tool comes in free edition where you can get two drivers download for the day.

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