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Thread: Looking a driver for maxx audio 3

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    Looking a driver for maxx audio 3

    I was trying to shrink Windows partition to get some space from it. I was using Windows 7 Disk Management Console for that. I don't know what happen and my Windows crashed. I had formatted and installed everything back again. Now I have a bit issue with maxx audio software. I had used the cd that I got with my system and it installed MAXX audio software in the pc. But it is not working. Where I can get appropriate audio drivers for this.

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    Re: Looking a driver for maxx audio 3

    What actually you are looking for. Due you need the audio driver or you need some software for the same. If you need the driver only then just go in Device Manager. Check in that whether all hardware is installed or not. If not then you have to visit the official website of your motherboard manufacturer to get proper drivers. Install the same in your system and then check back.

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    Your system might be having a maxx audio hardware in your pc. I had found on some website that if you install Realtek Audio driver on your pc then your audio will start working. So just find this driver from web and add that on your pc. All you have to see that you are getting proper driver version for the right operating system. Do not use install any old or outdated one. You must be able to see a sound hardware in your system.

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    There are some third party software available through which you can get all type of drivers. You can try using Driver Booster. It is one of the best software available. Through this you can get latest drivers instantly. There is no need to search manually for everything. I am using this tool from long time and it has helped to me to keep my system updated.

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