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Thread: Utility for mouse cursor positioning

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    Utility for mouse cursor positioning

    I need to find out the coordinates of my mouse cursor, so can anyone help me to find out a small utility or a program for the same.

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    Re: Utility for mouse cursor positioning

    To view the mouse cursor position you need to first go to the control pannel,after this click on mouse properties, and then go to the pointer options tab and click on the little box that says show location of pointer when you press the control key.

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    Re: Utility for mouse cursor positioning

    First you need to Hit the 'Prnt Screen' button and Open Paint.Over here we need to Select Edit > Paste, or Ctrl-V, to paste the image. After this we need to Click the Free-Form select button (Dotted Star) to lock the image location.Now move the Mouse over the location in the image.and Note the Mouse Coordinates in the status bar.

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    Re: Utility for mouse cursor positioning

    Hey friends ,I found another way to find the coordinates of the mouse.First we need to Download: AutoIt v3. After this from the Start menu, you should go to AutoIt v3 > SciTE Script Editor. Here we need to paste the below mentioned script code and then save it.
    While 1
    Func jPos()
        $jPos = MouseGetPos()
        MsgBox(0, "Mouse x,y:", $jPos[0] & "," & $jPos[1])
    After saving now we need to go to AutoIt v3 > Run Script and choose the script you have just created. The icon will be show in the system tray (bottom right). So now when you press the letter 'z', it will display the mouse xy coordinates in a pop-up box.

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