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Thread: AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

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    AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

    I am using the far most common type of heat sink fan for my AM3 CPU and I want to upgrade it to some of the new Type of coolers can you please suggest me anything that can reduce my problem and can also be beneficial to my machineÖ.???????????

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    Re: AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

    What I would suggest is rather going with any other cooler you should go with a HeatSinkFan that doesn't need to remove the board to install it, unless there's a good reason to do so. The stock cooler630 is a good option to consider but it doesnít have heat pipes. Iím quickening up on this decision along because in the last couple of dayst here is gona be a check in the office and I donít wana get entangled in it, and the other problem is playing Star Craft 2 caused the core reading to go from an idle ~50C to 80c - 91C after 20 minutes which gradually turns off my machine! The Cooler master Hyper TX3 is not at all bad, but it has considerably less air pass than the Hyper 212+. I'm considering the Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro solution, but the irritable base fan worries me, because in my experience, the smaller the fan, the whinier it is and is more likely to fail because of the high RPM.

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    Re: AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

    If you have the stock cooler for the 630 in a heat pipe model taking place of the stock 70mm fan, you can also use it on 92mm in its place and it will work well, usually about 5 degrees cooler and much faster than what it was earlier. if you take my suggestion The Arctic Cooling 92mm PWM fan is popular amd is good for you as it is of low cost.

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    Re: AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

    I am using a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 the smaller version of the Hyper 212, the stock fan on that isn't too bad, but very loud over 1800 RPM. But I still wasn't happy with the stock fan, so I stuck two Arctic Cooling fans (F9 and F9 Pro) in push-pull on it. Now, the loudest fan is the graphics card fan. The major advantage that you have is you don't have to pull out the board to install it. CM's website says it is attuned with Phenom II processors though.

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    Re: AM3 CPU fan cooler reviews and details

    Great cooling and super quiet processor fan for the low price. Unless size is a concern don't bother anything with less than a 120mm fan.

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